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The Etappi Checkpoint System discontinued 2016–17 – criteria for extensions to study times become tighter


As of 1 January 2016, the Etappi checkpoint system will be put on hiatus for the years 2016 and 2017. Etappi has been a tool for monitoring the study progress of Bachelor and Master’s degree students in the University of Helsinki. The registration blocks of students who are currently affected by an Etappi checkpoint will be lifted from the WebOodi system. In the case of students who have started their studies before 1 Aug 2005, the Etappi system will be discontinued altogether. Monitoring doctoral students' study progress will continue unchanged as before.

During 2016 and 2017 the study progress is still monitored. Students receive guidance and counselling when devising their personal study plans (PSP) and from staff members who provide guidance in faculties, departments and subjects. All departments and faculties also have access to the tools in the Oodi student register system, and they will help monitoring the study progress of students.

The temporary termination of the Etappi checkpoint system for 2016–2017 does not affect the study progress checks carried out by the Finnish Social Security Institution KELA for those students receiving student financial aid from KELA.

Criteria for granting extensions to study times become tighter

If your studies are delayed or hindered, please contact the study counselling at your department or faculty. You can also contact the study psychologists at the University.

The aim of the University is still to ensure that study times will not draw out and that studies progress smoothly. This is intended to enable students to graduate within the limits of the set study time.
The faculty grants an extension to the study time on the condition that a student presents a goal-oriented and feasible plan for completing the remaining studies. According to law, the study time is limited for those students who have started their studies 1 Aug 2015 or later (usually 7 years for students studying for both a Bachelor and Master’s degree). After this, a student has to apply for an extension to the study time. An extension will not be granted for the second time if the student has not completed studies during the first extension according to the study plan (Rector’s Decision 50/2015).

Students can keep track of remaining study time in WebOodi. Faculties offer study counselling and help students make a study plan. The University will also notify students in due time when their study time is running out.

Why is the Etappi checkpoint system put on hiatus?

The Etappi checkpoint system is temporarily discontinued because the study administration at the University is facing a decrease in available resources mostly due to the University’s change programme and also a general trend of cutting down costs. The study administration wants to focus on its core duties: student selection, support for study progress and the graduation of students.

During the years 2016 and 2017 the support services for studies and study counselling will be renewed as a part of a bigger reorganization of the University administration. The study administration will develop new tools and methods for counselling to ensure even better support and guidance for the study progress of all students, not just for those unable to graduate within the set study time. In the coming years the University wishes to establish common practices for all study and student services at the University.

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Päivi Tauriainen, specialist
Academic Affairs