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Elina Nieminen and Marika Tuominen are the HYY150 Anniversary masters!


HYY has chosen students of education Elina Nieminen and Marika Tuominen as the Anniversary masters for 2018! This year is a special one for our Anniversary masters, as HYY is celebrating its 150th Anniversary.

Elina has previously acted as the Anniversary master both at HYY in 2016 and at Kopeda ry’s and Condus ry’s anniversaries in 2013 and 2014. In addition to this, Elina was in charge of events, organisational communications and volunteers in HYY’s last year’s Board. Currently, Elina works as a volunteer coordinator for Ruisrock.

Marika, on the other hand, has acted as Condus ry’s anniversary master in 2015 and as Peduca ry’s chair, treasurer and person in charge of freshers and tutors in 2014–2016. Besides her strong background in organisations, Marika has been an active member of HYY’s Student Organisations Committee, acted as the person in charge of communications in HYAL ry and been a member of the Manta Crew in 2017–2018. Marika currently works as a project coordinator at Heureka.

Both new Anniversary masters’ strengths include event production, teamwork, interaction skills and communications. Here is what Elina and Marika have to say about their upcoming task:

‘We want to make the HYY150 Anniversary a fabulous, unforgettable experience that brings the entire HYY community together – an Anniversary that will be remembered for the next 150 years. This Anniversary is the culmination of the entire HYY150 Anniversary year, and it will gather HYY’s members, alumni and interest groups together to celebrate our Student Union. We want to create a dinner party where everyone can feel welcome, an afterparty where people can dance until the morning and, of course, the ‘sillis’ where the party can continue the next day, too. We want the anniversary to reflect what students are like and to boldly reform traditions. We want an Anniversary team with volunteers from many different backgrounds and faculties. We are experienced inspirers and leaders of volunteers, and we want to give the members of the Anniversary team the opportunity to develop their event organisation skills and make the largest party of the student community together in an inspiring atmosphere! This Anniversary is an opportunity for us to challenge and overcome ourselves and to show what we truly can do!’

HYY congratulates the newly chosen Anniversary masters! Elina and Marika will start in their positions already in June. HYY’s 150th Anniversary and birthday afterparty are organised on Saturday 24 November 2018.

Ticket sales to the dinner party and the night’s birthday party will open in the autumn.

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Further information:

Arttu Lehtinen
HYY’s producer

Elina Nieminen
Anniversary master

Marika Tuominen
Anniversary master