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Do you want to take a part in renewing the Student Unions anniversary traditions? Apply to the anniversary master position!


Epic, surprising, touching, hilarious or dazzling? What kind of an anniversary do you think HYY should have? Should there be confetti, sparkles or perhaps some alpacas? Are you a party planning pro? If so, become our anniversary master!

HYY’s anniversary is held on Saturday 23 November, and it will be celebrated in the form of an academic dinner party with an open after-party. The anniversary masters will assemble  an anniversary team, participates in planning both the anniversary and its after-party and be responsible for the practical arrangements of the anniversary. The anniversary masters will be remunerated with a fee of 1000 euros each and a 10% commission on all the sponsors they successfully negotiate for the event. This job requires fluent Finnish or English. You may apply by yourself or straight as a duo with your master buddy.

Please send your free-form application to by Sunday, 26 May 2019, by 8 pm. The email should be titled “Anniversary master 2019”. Interviews for the position will be held on 28 May. The anniversary planning and search for sponsors will begin in June according to a mutual agreement.

More information: Arttu Lehtinen, producer, 050 537 2831,