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Do you receive student financial aid for the spring term?


Do you receive financial aid from the Finnish state for your studies? If you do, make sure that you have enough months with financial aid left for the spring term, that you are receiving enough credits, and that you are aware of the income checks and exempt amounts when planning for the next year!

It’s important to think of next year’s income even if you do not receive financial aid from the state, or if your financial aid has been either made temporary or cut off completely.

Should your studies not advance due to an illness of a duration greater than two months, it is advisable to seek illness allowance instead of using up your study grant.

If you are covered by the Finnish social security but not entitled to student financial aid, have not found work and do not have enough savings to live on, you can apply for social assistance at the social services office of your municipality.

For more information please see the Kela website, or the HYY website!