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Committees planned their activities for the year of 2014


HYY's committees have many diverse activities this year. Even though the year has already been planned and much has been done already, you can still join the activities! Subscribe to the mailing list of the committee of your choice: or contact the chairperson of the committee:
Examples about committee activities this year:
ESN Committee will be renewed when it changes from a committee into an organisation called ESN-HYY. The committee continues to represent the interests of exchange students and organise plenty of diverse events.
Committee for Organisational Affairs participates in the organising of the Adjustment Day on 25 Apr, which is intended for all organisation members. In addition, the committee organises a traditional seminar for chairpersons. 
Committee for Bilingual Affairs has plans to organise various get-togethers, academic dinner parties and excursions, where you can explore bilingual activities. 
Committee for Development Cooperation will renew its visual image and organise the Development Cooperation Week in the autumn, among other things. In addition, the committee will continue to implement various development cooperation projects. 
Committee for Academic Affairs engages in advocacy work related to printing quotas, for example. The committee also participates in the development of a network for student representatives in administration.  
Committee for Cultural Affairs wants to bring together the members of cultural organisations. May Day is a particularly important event for the committee, as HYY will crown Havis Amanda statue with the student cap.

Committee for Finno-Ugric Cooperation will continue to implement the kindred nation projects and organise various theme days, such as the commemoration day for extinct Uralic languages on 20 Sept.

Committee for Tutor Affairs organises a training session for tutors and is involved in renewing HYY's reception of new students. 
Committee for Societal Affairs will implement the euro election panel, organise the academic dinner party during Pride week and participate in the Night of the Homeless.
Committee for Environmental Affairs aims at developing its operations into a more active direction. The committee organises training sessions for organisation members in charge of environmental affairs and also plans to produce information material for international students.