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The committees have been reformed!


At its meeting on 31 Oct, HYY Board decided that the committees are established to be valid until further notice. Now the committees operate over the years and only cease to exist if the Board so decides with a separate decision. All current committees were re-established, with the exception of the Committee for Bilingual Affairs. The name of the Committee for Tutor Affairs was changed into the Committee for Freshman Activities. The Committee for Development Cooperation and the Committee for Fenno-Ugric Cooperaation were established to be valid until further notice already in 2013.
The decision is based on the conclusion of the HYY's committee development group, which convened in the spring of 2014. The conclusion was that the annual establishment of the committees makes it difficult to plan and implement operations in the long run. The working group prepared an extensive report (in Finnish) on the committee history, current state and future visions.

New committees will get organised in late November-early December. More information on the meeting times and locations will be available in early November. HYY will also develop the recruitment and orientation of the committee members to make the joining of the committees as easy and clear for the student union members as possible.
With this decision made at the Board meeting, the following committees were established:

Committee for Organisational Affairs
The Committee for Organisational Affairs participates in the development of the operating conditions for organisations within HYY in cooperation with the specialist and the board member in charge. The committee organises and produces content for organisation training sessions by organising two chairperson seminars, for example. The committee distributes user hours for Alina Hall and participates in the development of the operating grant allocation for organisations, as well as organises contests for organisations.

Committee for Academic Affairs
The Committee for Academic Affairs aims to develop the university teaching and study administration, so that all students' would have the opportunity to progress in their studies as well as possible. The committee has influence on the university's education policy on the department, faculty and university level. The committee aims at sharing good practices and promoting the implementation of objectives chosen together in different units. The committee operates with study advisors and student representatives in administration as a cooperative network. In recent years, the committee activities have focused on the improvement of study guidance, development of digital teaching methods (such as the exam aquarium), and the effects of the national student admission reform at the University of Helsinki.

Committee for Freshman Activities
The Committee for Freshman Activities participates in the implementation and development of the reception of new students. The committee organises training sessions and activities for tutors, as well as brainstorms and implements the reception of new students as part of other HYY's activities aimed at new students. In addition, the committee supports HYY's advocacy work at the University for better tutoring and the reception of new students.

Committee for Cultural Affairs
The Committee for Cultural Affairs is a place for the student union members interested in cultural activities and event organising. The committee annually implements changing own projects, participates in HYY's event and cultural sector planning and implementation, as well as aims at promoting the interaction between the student union and its organisations.

Committee for Environmental Affairs
The Committee for Environmental Affairs gathers together the students of the University of Helsinki who are interested in environmental affairs. The purpose is to increase the environmental awareness of students and act as the network for HYY's student organisation members in charge and others interested in environmental affairs.  
In addition to meetings, the committee organises environment-themed movie nights, excursions to interesting locations, such as Sitra, and leftover dinners. The committee implements, follows and updates HYY's environmental progamme together with the member of the HYY Board in charge of environmental affairs.

Campus Farming Committee
The purpose of the campus farming committee is to organise common urban farming of the student union and the university.

Committee for Societal Affairs
The purpose of the Committee for Societal Affairs is to implement HYY's social and urban policy, as well as equality objectives, support the Board's preparatory work and to enable the distribution of information and activities of students interested in societal affairs. The committee has been involved in the implementation of the student union's student financial aid campaign and it organises events related to cycling and the Pride week.