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Come and meet HYY’s sector in charge of study affairs at our Study POP UP sites and tell us what is bothering you!


Are you facing challenges at your faculty or in your studies? Are education reforms creating enormous obstacles on your route to graduation? Or are there bogeys of the educational policy kind lurking in the structures of the University?

Members of HYY’s Board and HYY’s specialists in charge of educational policy will be on call on the campuses of the University of Helsinki on 20 March, 27 March, 3 April and 10 April. We will be collecting information about students’ experiences on the education reform and studying in general. In return, we will provide you with tools to solve the problems! We will take your views on the challenges in studying and the faculties’ operation to the faculties and faculty organisations during the spring.

We will be on call at our POP UP sites at 9 am–4.30 pm in the following locations:

20 March: Viikki
Where: Lobby of Bio1 and the campus meeting point in Metsätieteiden talo
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27 March: Kumpula
Where: Lobby of Physicum
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3 April: Meilahti
Where: Location confirmed later
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10 April: City Centre Campus
Where: Lobby of Porthania
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