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Changes to student financial aid? HYY is preparing to act, do the same!


The objective of extending working careers, entered in the Finnish government programme, is right now in progress, and currently careers are mainly extended from their beginning. As a result, it is hoped that students would graduate even faster. The situation is very critical and concerns each student – also the future student generations.
In practice, the aim is to create pressure to graduate with a variety of restrictions concerning student financial aid. There are plans to put more emphasis on the student loan and the time period when student financial aid can be granted may be shortened from the current situation. Currently, the government parties are preparing for the government's mid-term review (28 Feb) and the government spending limits discussion (21 March), around which the student financial aid reform is also realised. Those who support emphasis on the loan believe that this is an effective way to reduce also your study years.

HYY disagrees and continues to defend student financial aid with the emphasis on the study grant and is getting ready to take to the streets for the cause. In addition, HYY's Committee for Societal Affairs operates in favour of the issue. Everyone is welcome to get involved in activities, Committee Chair Meri Norola ( is happy to provide more information.

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