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Changes in student financial aid? HYY is monitoring the situation, do the same!


The Finnish state budget is tight at the moment and now it unfortunately seems that student financial aid will be one of the saving targets. In practice, therefore, student financial aid may in the future consist to a greater extent of the loan, or the period when student financial aid can be taken out may be shortened.

It is recorded in the Government Programme of the current Finnish Government that student financial aid will be reformed in order to speed up studies and transfer students more quickly to working life. The report by the committee on the structural development of student financial aid was published just before Christmas. The report presents various proposals but does not yet have a final model on student financial aid.

The final proposals are likely to be heard in February-March. HYY constantly follows the debate on student financial aid and we are ready to defend the interests of the students. We will keep you informed of any changes and news regarding the topic.

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The report of the committee (only in Finnish) is available at