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Changes to student financial aid? Act now!


Changes to student financial aid are planned once again. During the spring, there have been rumours about the so-called 3+2 model, in which the study grant could only be received during three years, after which one should study with a loan, as well as 5+1 model, in which all the support months should be used precisely in five years, after which one would only receive the loan. The Government was expected to make a clear presentation on the development of student financial aid in its mid-term policy review session on 28 Feb, but no concrete proposals were made at that time. The future of student financial aid will be decided in the spending limits discussions starting on 21 Mar. Now is the time to make a difference.

HYY opposes the changes planned for student financial aid, which would put more emphasis on the loan and introduce stricter limitations to the period of student financial aid. We are monitoring the situation and actively campaign for the student financial aid.

You can also participate:
- Come to the demonstration and bring your friends as well.
- Organise your own campaign or flashmob. HYY helps if necessary.
- Participate in HYY's meme contest.
- Spread student financial aid posters, flyers and pins. Hang posters on the wall of your department, club room, or staircase in student buildings. Material is available at HYY's central office.

For more information on the situation and instructions on how to act: 2013