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Changes in student aid in 2018


Student aid will undergo some changes at the turn of the year, with the most important ones summarised below. More comprehensive information on the changes can be found on Kela’s website.

Students’ income limits start to be raised

Besides student aid, students may have other income up to the amount of the annual income limit. The limit is defined based on the number of months for which the student has received student aid during the year. Further information on income limits.

From the beginning of 2018, the annual income limits in the income check for student aid will be raised by 1%, and after this, index increments will be made every two years. For instance, if a student receives student aid for 9 months next year, they can have a maximum of €11,973 of other income, whereas the annual income limit for 9 months of aid this year is €11,850.

Student aid is paid earlier

Starting at the beginning of 2018, the study grant and possible housing supplement (only for those living abroad or in Åland because of their studies) will be paid on the first day of each month or on the first banking day after it. This means that student aid and general housing allowance will be paid on the same day in the future.

Processing student aid issues in higher education institutions ends – no action from students required

All higher education institutions in Finland have had a study grants board responsible for issues related to monitoring study progress, evaluating the extension of the period of eligibility for student aid and evaluating the sufficiency of summer studies, for instance. Starting on 1 January 2018, all student aid issues will be decided by Kela. The operation of study grants boards in higher education institutions ends and, at the same time, the processing of student aid applications in all universities ceases. These changes aim to ensure the efficient and uniform processing of student aid issues and to guarantee the equal status of all students.

This change does not require students to take any action. Payment of student aid continues according to your student aid decision, and in the future, you must conduct your business with Kela in matters related to student aid. You can do this through Kela’s eServicesor phone service, in Kela’s local offices or in Kela’s customer service locations. You can check the contact details from Kela’s website.

Provider supplement added to student aid!

A provider supplement of €75 will be added to the study grant of student aid. This increases the amount of study grant for students who provide for a child from €250.28 to €325.28 per month. Students who provide for a child under 18 years of age and receive the study grant have the right to receive the provider supplement. The supplement will be added to the study grant automatically.

The provider supplement is not taken into account in housing allowance or conscript’s allowance or when assigning client fees for early childhood education, for instance.

Further information:

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