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Campus farming will continue better than ever in the season 2014


In addition to the City Centre Campus, farming will also extend to Viikki! You are welcome to try out how to grow food and build a thriving campus plantation!

Registration for campus farming will begin at 10am on 10 Apr and end at 4pm on 17 Apr. You can register through an e-form. Farmers will be selected in the order of registration. You should be fast in order to ensure your farming place! Registration is binding.

Campus farming organised on City Centre Campus and Viikki

In the city centre, farming will continue in the previous location in the yards of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Topelia. In Viikki, farming will take place in the lawn area adjacent to Biocentre 3. In addition to the existing 30 sacks, the aim is to have 10-20 new farming sacks for the City Centre Campus. Viikki will have 30 farming boxes which are built by the farmers themselves. Viikki farmers will also have smaller herb boxes.

One person (university student or staff member) may reserve either a half or entire farming sack/box. Groups (e.g. subject organisations) may also reserve one sack/box for themselves. A half of the sack/box costs €5 and the entire box costs €10.

The first working bee will be organised on 24–25 May on both campuses at the same time. Participation is mandatory for farmers. The working bee will begin on 24 May and continue on 25 May if necessary. We hope to have as many participants as possible on both days, but it is enough if you participate even for some time. The starting campaign will be held on 31 May-1 June!

In early May, a free campus farming course will be organised for the most enthusiastic farmers. The committee's seed bank will distribute the seeds of rapidly growing useful plants for free in the starting campaign on 31 May-1 June. Campus farming is supported by

Read more about campus farming activities on the blog. There you can follow the progress of farming and find all the necessary information.

In the committee's Facebook group, you can find all current campus farming events.

Contact information: Marianne Saviaho (Chairperson of Campus Farming Committee), Niina Nylander (Vice Chairperson, responsible for farming on city centre campus), Viljami Kankaanpää (Vice Chairperson, responsible for farming in Viikki. E-mail addresses: