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Call for Applications for Financial Positions in the Student Union and HYY Group




The Student Union’s Board is looking for active students who are interested in and familiar with the Student Union’s finances to the boards of HYY Group and Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd. Members of the Board act as representatives of HYY’s members in the administration of the companies. The members are selected from among the people recommended by Representative Council groups, who may recommend any number of people. The main criteria in the selections are the applicant's commitment to the position and their experience of HYY Group’s operations or from the Group’s lines of business, such as property, restaurant and investment business. The administrative language of HYY Group is Finnish, and applicants are expected to be able to work in Finnish. Training will be provided for those applying for the financial positions at 2 pm–4 pm on February 12th in Wilhelmsson hall (Mannerheimintie 5 A, 5th floor). Participation in the training is considered as an advantage, especially if the person has not previously acted in the financial positions in HYY or HYY Group. Registration for the training 11.2 the latest to The term of the boards lasts from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.


Available positions:

HYY Group’s Board acts as the board of its parent community, that is, HYY’s property funds, as well as the board of HYY Group Ltd and its Group companies. Among other tasks, the Board prepares target budgets for properties owned by the Student Union as well as financial statements and property affairs that are decided by the Representative Council. The Board also oversees the implementation of real estate finances and approves property investments under its jurisdiction. The Group’s Board further directs and supervises the Student Union’s investment activities. HYY Group has a turnover of approximately €30 million.


Call for applications to become a member of HYY Group’s Board (5 student members):


  1. ‘Describe what you, in particular, would bring to HYY Group’s Board.’ (1,000 characters without spaces)

  2. ‘The current Strategy states that the Student Union should have no membership fees by 2025. Assess this objective from the Group’s perspective and envision a roadmap for achieving the goal.’ (1 page)

  3. ‘The enclosed material portrays the turnover of Company Ltd during 2013–2017. The company in question is involved in property business, operates in downtown Helsinki and has a turnover of around €30 million. Properties owned by Company Ltd are primarily rentable business premises. Please analyse Company Ltd’s income statement and balance sheet based on the provided material and describe how you arrived at this analysis.’ (1 page)

The income statement and financial report can be found here:


The Board of Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd attends to financial affairs related to the publishing and marketing of the student magazine Ylioppilaslehti and presents the annual target budget and financial statements for the approval of the Student Union’s Board. The company has a turnover of approximately €0.7 million.


Call for applications for the position of Chair of the Board of Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd:


Pre-assignments for the Chair:



‘Assess the strategic choices of Ylioppilaslehti and what should be done in the future.’


‘Analyse the changes in the operating environment of Ylioppilaslehti and in the newspaper industry in the next 5 years.’


Call for applications to become a member of the Board of Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd (3–7 student members):

Pre-assignment for board members: ‘Analyse the changes in the operating environment of Ylioppilaslehti and in the newspaper industry in the next 5 years.’


Instructions on applying

Pre-assignments (one-sided A4 page per assignment) addressed to HYY’s Board should be submitted to the chairs of your Representative Council group who should then deliver the pre-assignments of their group’s applicants to In addition to this, applicants applying to become Chair of the Board of Ylioppilaslehden kustannus Ltd should send their CV.

The documents should be received by the Student Union by 11.59 pm on 27 February 2018. Late applications will not be considered. The recruitment working group will process the pre-assignments anonymously.

Please note that you can only be selected for one of the boards. Members of HYY Group’s Supervisory Board cannot act as a member of HYY Group’s Board at the same time. Training will be provided for selected individuals at the beginning of the term.


Further information:

Member of HYY’s Board Amanda Pasanen, tel. 050 595 0327,