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Call for applications: Editor in chief of Ylioppilaslehti


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki and Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd are looking for an editor in chief for the Ylioppilaslehti student magazine on a fixed-term contract for the period of 1 August 2018–31 May 2020.

The editor in chief is responsible for the publishing, editing and contents of Ylioppilaslehti and other products of Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd. They will also act as the supervisor of the editorial staff. The editor in chief implements the company’s strategy, recruits the editorial staff of Ylioppilaslehti and is responsible for the magazine’s finances to the Board of Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd. In addition to this, the editor in chief represents the magazine and the younger generation’s voice in several public contexts.

In the next few years, Ylioppilaslehti aims to expand its target group, strengthen its digital channels and diversify its offerings. We require the applicant to not only have the skills to realise these focus areas, but also have vision for piloting an institution aged over one hundred years. Besides journalistic competence, successfully serving in the position requires recruitment and supervisory skills, management and financial skills as well as understanding of the media field. Applicable studies and understanding of the student world are considered as advantages.

Applications addressed to the working group selecting Ylioppilaslehti’s editor in chief, along with attachments and sample articles (max. 3), should be delivered electronically to by noon on 8 April. The email should be titled ‘Hakemus Ylioppilaslehden päätoimittajaksi’. The salary of the editor in chief is €3,500.00 per month, including fringe benefits.

Those invited to interviews will be informed about it on 13 April. Personal interviews are held at 8.00 am–noon on Thursday 19 April and at 10.00 am–noon on Friday 20 April. The Representative Council selects the editor in chief in its meeting on 15 May, and the proposed applicants are expected to hold a short introductory speech in the meeting, which begins at 5 pm.

Ylioppilaslehti, founded in 1913, is a student magazine that deals with societal and cultural phenomena before others have realised they exist. The magazine is delivered to the home of each student of the University of Helsinki, among others, and its circulation is around 35,000. The magazine is published by Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Ltd, which is owned entirely by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) and had a turnover of 486,000 euros in 2016.

For further information, please contact Editor in Chief of Ylioppilaslehti Robert Sundman, tel. 040 507 2125, or Chair of HYY’s Board Lauri Linna, tel. 050 543 9610. The application period ends at noon on Sunday 8 April.