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Best International Teacher 2016


Have you come across a brilliant lecturer, a dedicated supervisor or an otherwise excellent teacher who teaches in a language other than Finnish or Swedish? The Student Union rewards this year’s best teacher who teaches in a foreign language at the University of Helsinki. Send in your suggestions! A council of students will process all applications and make a suggestion to the Student Union board.  Special attention will be given to student-friendliness, expertise, active attitude towards developing, and giving and receiving constructive criticism.  This year we will also emphasize teaching methods that support students’ multicultural backgrounds and creating such an atmosphere where students from different cultural backgrounds can feel included.  The award will be presented at the anniversary of the Student Union on 26 November. The suggestions should be made by 20.10. at 12:00: Any member or a member organisation of the academic community can make suggestions. The candidates must be in a teaching position at the University of Helsinki. The reasons should include examples of how the nominated person fulfills the criteria. In addition, the application may include comments by students and other members of the academic community or other suitable examples of the candidate's merits. You may download this information as attachments in the e-form. The criteria and nomination instructions for Magister Bonus are applicable, and can be viewed at:

In addition to a positive attitude, student-friendliness also includes the willingness to improve general well-being and communality. An attitude that appreciates students can be seen in counselling, lectures and in other activities.


Expertise appears as the ability to highlight essential issues. A good teacher is enthusiastic about their field and also conveys one's enthuasism to students. A professional teacher is also a student's reliable guide to the scientific community. 

Active attitude towards development  
A good teacher actively develops both oneself as a teacher and one's teaching methods. A good teacher has a positive attitude towards the development of teaching and uses new teaching technology applications, electronic systems and information technology  in teaching. A good teacher works as a part of the scientific community and aims to develop teaching at one's department and the university.
Giving and receiving constructive feedback  
A good teacher knows how to collect feedback and also actively uses the feedback to develop teaching. A good teacher knows how to give constructive feedback to students and encourages students to an open dialogue.
For further information please contact board member Laura Luoto, 050 543 9612, laura.luoto(at)