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Become a student representative on the Big Wheel executive groups for master’s degree programmes


Become a student representative on the Big Wheel executive groups for master’s degree programmes

The preparations for the Big Wheel degree reform have now progressed to deciding on the content of the new master’s programmes. Planning will be the responsibility of the executive groups to which the University has asked the Student Union to appoint student representatives. One representative and one deputy representative will be appointed per group. The deputy has the right to be present and speak at the meetings.

The Student Union is looking for student representatives to the following programmes’ executive groups:

European and Nordic Studies (member & deputy)
MDP in Russian Studies (deputy)
Politics and Communication (deputy)

The executive groups are formed on the basis of the tripart-principle which means they include students, professors as well as other staff. The executive groups will start work in the spring and keep working on a tight schedule until autumn 2016.

Applications directed to the board of the Student Union are to be sent to kirjaamo(at) by 12:00 Monday 13.6.2016. The deadline is absolute due to Finnish administrative law. The applications are to be at most 2000 characters without spaces in length. The application must include relevant experience, motivation, availability to participate in the group meetings, the applicant’s current major, which executive group the application is for and whether the applicant is available for the post of representative, deputy representative or both.

The student union considers advantageous previous experience as a student representative in university administration, different working groups, or as an academic affairs responsible as well as a connection to the faculty or subject organization(s) associated with the programme in question. The Student Union wishes for applicants of different genders. For more information, please contact specialist Anne Rautanen, anne.rautanen(at), +358 505438458.

Student representatives do not receive a salary, but work on a voluntary basis. Depending on the body in question, meetings can be held from a few times a year to monthly. In addition to attending the meetings, student representatives are expected to familiarise themselves with the documents beforehand, and keep in touch with the students they represent, as well as the other student representatives through personal contacts or student organisations. The student representatives themselves gain important experience of university administration. Also, having acted as a student representative in university administration can also be an advantage when seeking employment.