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Become chief editor for Kimppu magazine


HYY's Development Cooperation Committee publishes Kimppu magazine annually. Kimppu is a development journalistic publication, which addresses a variety of global issues and solutions. The editing and distribution of the magazine is funded with the development communications and global education support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The magazine is distributed to the University's 1st and 3rd year students as home delivery and to distribution centres around the University. The articles are mainly in Finnish.


The Chief Editor's responsibilities include:


- responsibility for the budget and implementing the project 

- management of the application process of development communications and global education support (VGK), i.e. writing the application and submitting it to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The opening of the call for applications will probably take place in October-November.

- writing a report to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the use of support

- chief editing of the magazine; planning the magazine themes, writing, looking for writers, editing, looking for a graphic designer and printing house (together with the editorial staff)

- Keeping the Development Cooperation Committee up to date with the progress of Kimppu, which requires attending the committee meetings 

- organising the magazine release together with the Development Cooperation Committee

- writing about Kimppu news on Kimppu blog and also preferably on Facebook, Twitter and  the blog of the Development Cooperation Committee 

- Chief Editor is encouraged to develop the activities and reform the magazine  



The position is volunteer-based, however, if VGK support is received, a reward of EUR 300 will be paid to the Chief Editor. The Chief Editor should be committed to the position at least until June 2015, when the magazine is published and the use of support has been reported.  


Requirements for the Chief Editor: experience in magazine editing (preferably chief editing), interest in development cooperation issues, long-term commitment to the position from beginning to end. In addition, experience in project management is an advantage.


Applications with résumés should be submitted by 23 Sept at 12 noon to the address noora.stenholm(at) At the same address, you can also ask for more information about the position.
You can also read the PDF-version of Kimppu in the blog of the Development Cooperation Committee: