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Bank and credit card payment charges introduced at Unicafe


From March 2011 onwards, UniCafe will charge 4 cents per transaction for each purchase paid with a bank or a credit card. In the background of the change is the decision of Luottokunta to start charging the merchant at least 4 cents for each transaction.

UniCafe's CEO Arja Kosonen considers that Luottokunta's pricing reform will bring significant additional costs to the companies in the service field. 
 - Companies, where the average purchase is small, suffer the most. Such companies include cafes, some restaurants and kiosks. In UniCafe, Luottokunta's merchant provisions will be quadrupled along this reform, Kosonen states.

UniCafe's customers may avoid the additional payment by paying their purchases with Lyyra card or in cash. With Lyyra card, students also receive Lyyra discount offered by UniCafe. The discount is 10cents per meal. By paying with Lyyra, a customer can avoid the fees of Luottokunta. Also, the charging of Lyyra with a bank card is free of charge at UniCafe restaurants.

Further information:
Unicafe, CEO Arja Kosonen,
Tel. 040 765 2325, arja.kosonen(at)