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Before arrival - FAQ from exchange students


As you are getting ready to pack your suitcases, you may have tons of questions going through your head. Don’t worry, everything will sort out and soon you’ll be here! Just in case you are wondering, here’s a list of the often asked questions from exchange students before arrival.

When can I sign up for courses?
You can sign up for courses after arrival. You need a UH computer user ID for that. You will receive the computer user ID at the Welcome Fair + instructions for using WebOodi to register for courses.

When can I pay the Student Union membership?
There are two ways of paying,
either before arrival:
in cash at the Welcome Fair on Thursday or Friday. Please bring exact change to make things faster. If you want to pay in cash, please remember that paying in cash is not possible on Saturday. You have to make the decision about joing the Student Union when you arrive: if you are here for the Welcome Fair, you cannot join later than 1 September.


How can I apply for a student card (LYYRA card)?
You can apply for the LYYRA card here. If you have trouble paying the card online, you can also pay it at the Student Union’s Service office.

When can I apply for a LYYRA card?
If you have joined the Student Union, you can apply for a LYYRA card after arrival. You need your UH student number for that. You will receive the student number at the Welcome Fair.

When do I get my student number?
You will receive the student number at the Welcome Fair.

Where can I find the Orientation Course schedule for my own Faculty?
Check it here

When do I meet my tutor?
You will meet your tutor and tutor group during the Orientation course.

Where do I get the stamp and signature for my Erasmus Arrival Certificate and/or other documents, which my home university gave me?
You will get the stamp and signature at the Welcome Fair.

Do you organize a pick-up service? Can someone else pick up my keys from HOAS because their office is closed when I arrive?
Unfortunately we are unable to organize a pick-up service. Please go to the HOAS office to get your keys. If you want someone else to pick them up for you, that person needs a proxy, e.g. written permission from you (with your name, birthday, address in Finland, recipient’s name, birthday and your signature).

How can I open a bank account?
Opening a bank account in Finland is fairly simple. You need to have your passport with you + the papers from the University, which you receive at the Welcome Fair. Many exchange students do not open a bank account, however, and just use the ATMs to withdraw money from their bank account at home.

I don’t have housing, what should I do?
Check this

How can I find the HOAS office and my dormitory and the Welcome Fair location? Can I get a student discount for public transportation?
There’s a good website, which will help you find your way around, we all use this, too:
You will get a student discount for the months that you are studying here (in most cases, September-December or September-May). You will receive papers for this at the Welcome Fair.

The Welcome Fair location is UH’s Language Centre, street address: Fabianinkatu 26.  Iif you are on Facebook, please join the Welcome Fair facebook event and you’ll see who else will be there.

And most importantly:
Will you make friends? Sure.
Will you learn things? Yes.
Are we excited for your arrival? Yes!

This article was first published on the Welcome to UH -blog.