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Apply for HYY's representative position in Hoas delegation!


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is one of the establishment organisations of the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) and a significant background operator. HYY is now looking for one vice member to the Hoas delegation for the term 2015.

The most important duty of Hoas delegation is to elect and supervise the board of HYY, confirm the budget, operational programme and financial statement, as well as decide on the measures caused by the annual report and audit report. The delegation also decides on the confirmation of a longer term action plan. Hoas delegation consists of 37–40 members and it convenes annually mainly in the spring and autumn meetings.  The membership of Hoas delegation is a position of trust, for which no remuneration is paid.

The representative which is now elected will operate as part of HYY's delegation which consists of 17 members and 17 vice members. Other members of the delegation are elected based on the proposals of HYY's Representative Council groups and through an open search. HYY provides training and background support for the position.

Applicants are expected to be interested in student housing and have the motivation to act for the purpose of Hoas; the improvement of the student housing situation. The knowledge of the operating environment of Hoas and the ability to work in cooperation with HYY and other related parties contribute to the successful management of the position of trust. In addition, living in Hoas housing, resident committee activities and experience of HYY's activities are considered benefits.

The application should be delivered by email to no later than 23 March. The application should include the following information about the applicant: all first names, surname, social security number, address, municipality of residence, nationality, email address and phone number. Attaching a CV is optional.

Further information:
HYY's Housing Specialist Sofia Lindqvist,, 050 543 9605