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Apply for a HYY Committee for the year 2013!


How would you like to change the University of Helsinki? What issues should make the Student Union (HYY) knock on the doors of the parliament house?

Influence the actions of your Student Union and take part in the Committees which gather together many students across faculty boundaries!
In 2013, there are eleven Committees working independently in different fields. All Student Union members are welcome to join any Committee, but in past years the only one working mainly in English has been the ESN Committee.
More information on the committees of 2013 and their first meetings is available on the HYY website at:

The Committees established for 2013 are:

ESN Committee
Committee for Academic Affairs
Committee for Bilingual Affairs
Committee for Cultural Affairs
Committee for Development Cooperation
Committee for Environmental Affairs
Committee for Fenno-Ugric Cooperation
Committee for Physical Activity
Committee for Student Organizations
Committee for Societal Affairs
Committee for Tutor Affairs

Apply for the Committees with an electronic sign-up form February 1st 2013 at the latest. As an application it is enough to write a short text about your motivation to join the Committee. There is no need for any prior experience from student organizations or committees. If you’re interested to act as the Chair or Vice Chair of the Committee, please mention it in your application. More about the committees here.