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Apply to become students representative in the European Students' Convention 29.9. - 3.10.2016 in Bratislava


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is looking for candidates to be presented to the board of SYL for a maximum of two participants for the European Students’ Convention seminar 29.9. - 3.10.2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The seminar is the 32nd European Students’ Convention (ESC), and its title is Education and Skills for the Future of Europe.

European Students’ Convention is a seminar organised by the European umbrella organisation for national student organisations of students in higher education, European Students’ Union (ESU). The seminar brings together representatives of the various national student organisations to discusshigher education policy. Finnish members of ESU are SYL for university students, and Samok for students of universities of applied science.

This year SYL is sending to the seminar as one of its representatives one representative chosen based on candidates presented to its board by its member student unions. For selection, an applicant must first send an application to the board of his or her own student union, which then chooses a maximum of two people to be presented to the SYL board. SYL will cover the travel costs and travel insurance to this Convention. The Convention organizer will cover the accommodation costs, and provide most of the meals.

An application addressed to the HYY board should be written according to the SYL instructions and criteria. A CV may be attached to the application. HYY will choose the participant to be presented to the SYL board according to the SYL instructions and criteria. Information and instructions on wrting the application, as well as selection criteria can be found below. In addition to these criteria HYY expects the chosen candidate to report to HYY on the trip, and use HYY's communication channels to communicate about the event.

An application addressed to the HYY board should be sent to by Monday, August 22 at 23.59.

The applicant must be a member of the student union. The student union encourages people from different backgrounds and of different genders to apply.

For more information on the HYY selection, and the HYY instructions and criteria, please contact  HYY specialist Aino Jones (, 050 543 9608).

For more information on the seminar itself, as well as the SYL instructions and criteria, please contact SYL board member Alviina Alamets (, +358449065003).

SYL application information and criteria

Motivation letter should be written in English. It must answer at least the following questions: 1) Why would the applicant be the best participant for this event? 2) How would the applicant communicate about the seminar, for example in social media?

Criteria for participants:
1. Excellent oral and written English language skills
2. Experience and / or motivation of international education advocacy
3. Obligation to write a short report on the trip SYL's Board of Directors
4. Active use of social media and other methods of communication during the trip
5. Willingness to commit to the promotion of the objectives of the SYL policy paper
6. The obligation to participate in the entire event program
7. Readiness to participate in a training before the trip in 26/09/2016.

Questions? Contact Alviina Alametsä (, +358449065003)

More information and material:

More information on ESU, and the international advocacy work of SYL:

More information on the event:

The event we will work on different modes of learning, the recognition of such and as well on the newest developments Regarding the Skills Agenda in Europe.

On the first day the event will focus on formal, nonformal and informal learning, and how they can comple-ment each other and Contribute to key competences for active citizenship.The second day will be dedicated for Recognition of Prior Learning. Participants will be looking into recognition challenges in higher education, the Lisbon Recognition Convention and the European Qualifications Framework, as well as discussing the recognition process for third-country Nationals.

The last day will gather the attention is employability and skills, discussing the New Skills Agenda and follow-ing Implementation in member states, next steps of Modernisation Agenda review, as well as tackle the cur-rent challenges Regarding youth employability.