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Apply to become a sports tutor!


Are you interested in sports? Would you like to inspire new students into sporty life, too? Apply to become a sports tutor now!

The purpose of sports tutoring is to familiarize freshmen with student sports - both the diverse selection of UniSport and independent exercise opportunities - and inspire freshmen to maintain a sporty lifestyle in the middle of busy study schedules. Sports tutors are not required to be in top shape or to be trained coaches. You only need the willingness and enthusiasm to make the freshman autumn of new students even better and more fun!

The Student Union organizes an education evening for the selected sports tutors on 10th May. At the evening tutors will get information about how to plan and organize events and tutors have a change to get to know each other’s. In addition to other sports tutors, our partner in sport tutoring is UniSport, which provides tutors with free facilities and group training, as well as financial support for sports outside UniSport facilities. No matter whether you take the freshmen to play football, practice hot yoga or collect mushrooms, sports can be various sports.

Sports tutors will get 6 months training card to UniSport as reward. After organizing 5 events to freshmen and reporting your experiences, you will get other 6 months. Together reward is one year training card to UniSport!

Sports tutoring requires:
•    motivation to be a sports tutor.
•    will to organize 5 sports events to freshmen in the autumn 2016.

It doesn’t stand in a way to become a sports tutor:
•    if you are also regular tutor in the autumn 2016.
•    if you already have a training card to UniSport. (The reward will be added after your card’s period of validity.)

Apply to become a sports tutor by 12 noon at 29th of April with this form:

Rasmus Olander (, the board member of the Student Union with responsibility of sports tutoring, will gladly answer to all questions considering this subject.