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Anne Soinsaari appointed as HYY’s specialist


HYY’s Board has selected Anne Soinsaari as one of its two specialists in educational policy. She has started in the position in mid-February.

The specialist in educational policy is in charge of issues such as the development of teaching at the University of Helsinki, observing new trends related to teaching, and the working life connections of studies. In addition to this, the specialist’s tasks include communication about issues in their sector both within the office and in social media, for instance.

Soinsaari’s previous positions have included working as the organisation secretary of the Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland and acquainting herself with the themes of lifelong learning while working as an intern at the Department for Higher Education and Science Policy in the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Soinsaari has a strong background in student politics from the Student Union of the University of Tampere, where she acted in the Student Union’s Council of Representatives for two terms and as the person in charge of educational affairs in the Board of the Student Union for one year. She has also acted as member of the Board of the University of Tampere for two years and as student representative in several working groups at the University.

Soinsaari, 27, is Bachelor of Social Sciences. She is currently finalising her master’s thesis in sociology at the University of Tampere, with the societal impact of universities as her topic.

‘I am delighted and inspired about my new position! As specialist in educational policy, I get to work with interesting issues in an awesome work community, all the while promoting HYY’s dream: the world’s happiest students building a fairer world’, Soinsaari states.