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9,1% voted in advance in HYY's Representative Council elections


The advance voting of the Representative Council Elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) was busy. This year the percentage of advance voter was the second best ever.

The two-day advance voting of the Representative Council elections ended today on Thursday, 30 Oct, 5pm. 2,470 students, approx. 9,1% of those entitled to vote voted in advance. Entitled to vote are all HYY members who have registered for attendance, i.e. approximately 27,000 students of the University of Helsinki.

In the Representative Council Elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) on 4-5 November 2014, the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, the Representative Council of 60 members, will be elected. The term of the new Representative Council will begin on 1 Dec 2014 and the duration of the electorial term is two years.

The number of advance voters was slightly smaller than in the previous elections in 2012.
In the previous elections in 2012, 2,671 persons voted in advance and the advance voting percentage was 9.5. Usually students are more eager to vote on the actual voting days.

On the actual voting days on 4–5 October, students can vote on the four campuses of the University of Helsinki at altogether 12 voting stations and additionally in the offices of the University of Helsinki in Lahti and Vaasa. The Representative Council Elections have 626 candidates this year.
There are slightly more candidates than in the previous elections in 2012 when there were 622 candidates. Altogether 11 coalitions have set candidates, of which some will operate as several groups in the Representative Council.  The exact numbers of candidates in electoral coalitions and alliances are available on the election site of the Student Union on

On the election days, campaigning is visible in the city near the campuses and the elections will climax with the election night party at the Virgin Oil Restaurant on Wednesday night on 5 November. Everyone is welcome to the election night party.

On the 21st century, the turnout percentage of the Representative Council Elections in HYY's elections has been higher than the national turnout percentage.

HYY’s Representative Council Elections (turnout percentage)
2001: 28.92
2003: 31.56
2005: 34.88
2007: 33.2
2009: 35.2
2011: 34.2
2012: 32.3 %

National turnout percentage of the Representative Council Elections
2001: 27.5
2003: 29.7
2005: 26.1
2007: 27.6
2009: 28.4
2011: 29.6
2013: 24.96 %

HYY will report about the results of the Representative Council Elections on Wednesday night, 5 Nov, right after the preparatory election results are clear. The Central Board of Elections will confirm the election results after the Vote Count Audit Committee has completed counting on 15 November 2014.

The Representative Council Elections are organised in almost all Finnish student unions every second autumn. In HYY, elections are organised in different years than in other student unions. In addition to HYY, only Svenska Handelshögskolans Studentkår organised their elections this year. In HYY, elections are always held in even years, whereas the Representative Council elections in other student unions are organised in odd years. 
For further information on HYY's elections, please contact Secretary General Katri Korolainen, paasihteeri(at), 0400 816 426 and Communications Officer Jenni Heikkinen, tiedottaja(at), 050 543 9609.

HYY is a corporation consisting of students and subject to public law. It operates as a benefit, service and civic organisation for its members and as a central and service organisation for the approximately 250 organisations operating within it. The HYY Representative Council decides on the use of the Student Union’s property and its significant operational policies.
Students' election results may also affect the lives of other city residents, as the student union has significant real estate property. In addition, HYY actively cooperates with the City of Helsinki with matters related to student housing and public transport, among other things.
The Representative Council decides on the corporate governance of HYY Group, which owns Kaivopiha properties, and thus has effect on what happens right in the heart of Helsinki.