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627 candidates aiming for HYY's Representative Council – the independent still strong


The nomination of candidates for HYY's Representative Council elections ended today on Monday at 12noon. 627 students submitted the candidate nomination form by the deadline, which is nine more than the candidate number of the previous elections, which was 618. The candidates are nominated by ten groups and there is one independent candidate. HYY's Central Election Committee will confirm the candidates at its meeting on 4 Oct.

”I am satisfied that students are still interested in influencing and again there are over ten times more  candidates than available positions”, HYY's Secretary General Katri Korolainen-Virkajärvi comments.

The student nations again have most candidates, 191, which is 30 more than in the previous elections of the last year. The candidate numbers of subject organisations HYAL and HELP (the students of dentistry, veterinary medicine, medicine and law as well as the international students' Tsemppi Group)
decreased slightly from the previous elections. HYAL submitted 107 candidate forms  (2011:116) and HELP submitted 91 forms  (2011:101). Svenska nationer och ämnesföreningar SNÄf r.f, which represents the Swedish-speaking student nations and subject organisations, submitted 25 candidate forms (2011:18). Of all the candidates, there are approximately two thirds of independent candidates. Currently, HYAL has 21 representatives and the student nations and HELP both have 10 representatives in HYY's Representative Council of 60 members.

From political organisations, the left increased its candidate number, whereas the candidate numbers of all groups on the right decreased. Maailmanpyörä electoral coalition of Independent Left and HYY's Greens now have 99 candidates (2011:92), Social Democratic Students have 31 (2011:24), and Oikea suunta electoral coalition (Kokoomusopiskelijat, Keskeiset and the candidate outside coalitions) has 67 candidates (2011:91).

Piraatit, Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto, Liberaalinen vaaliliitto, and the candidate outside the lists also participate in the Representative Council elections. 

The Central Election Committee will confirm the candidates at its meeting on 4 Oct. The preliminary candidate numbers according to the group are:

Group Candidates 2012 Candidates 2011
HELP 91 101
HYAL 107 116
Liberaalinen vaaliliitto 3 2
Maailmanpyörä 99 92
Oikea Suunta 67 91
Social Democratic Students 31 24
Osakuntalainen vaalirengas 191 161
Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto 4 3
Piraatit 8 10
Svenska nationer och ämnesföreningar SNÄf r.f. 25 18
liittoihin kuulumaton ehdokas 1  

In HYY's Representative Council elections, the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, the Representative Council of 60 members, is elected. Entitled to vote are HYY's members, the nearly 30,000 students of the University of Helsinki. 

The voting right may be exercised at 14 polling stations on four campuses of the University of Helsinki and the offices of the University of Helsinki in Lahti and Vaasa. The election result will become clear at the election night reception at the Old Student House (Mannerheimintie 3) late on Wednesday night on 7 November.

Last year, HYY's Representative Council was exceptionally elected only for one year so that in the future the Representative Council elections would not be arranged in the same year as the University's administration election. The term of office of the Representative Council elected in the upcoming elections is two years.