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There are 598 candidates running in the Representative Council elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. In the previous elections in 2016, the number of candidates was 597.

The group to nominate the most candidates for the elections was HELP, hailing from a subject organisation background, nominating a total of 120 candidates for the elections. HELP consists of students of veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, medicine and law. HYAL – Helsingin yliopiston ainejärjestöläiset, a group composed of active members of subject organisations in eight different faculties, nominated 103 candidates for the elections, whereas Osakuntalainen vaalirengas, consisting of active members of the Student Union's student nations, nominated 93 candidates. The umbrella organisation of Swedish-language student nations and subject organisations, SNÄf Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar r.f., increased its number of candidates significantly, achieving a full list of 60 candidates.

There were 11 groups that nominated candidates for the elections, with some of these groups intending to act in the Representative Council as several separate groups. Some of the groups have their background in subject organisations, some are independent electoral alliances of student nations and some are political electoral coalitions.

A new political electoral alliance to nominate candidates for HYY’s elections was Vapauden puolesta, formed by Blue Reform and Christian Democrats, with 3 candidates. Other political groups in the elections include the Social Democratic Students’ Association (OSY) with 26 candidates and the Maailmanpyörä electoral alliance consisting of Helsinki University Greens and Independent Left with 114 candidates. HYY’s Greens have 54 candidates, whereas Independent Left have 60 candidates. Electoral coalition Edistykselliset, consisting of students of the National Coalition Party and the Keskeiset list of Centre Students Finland, nominated 66 candidates. Students of the National Coalition Party have 57 candidates, whereas Keskeiset have 9. Other political coalitions are the Finns Party’s electoral coalition with 7 candidates, Pirates with 4 candidates and the Liberal electoral coalition with 2 candidates.

HYY’s Representative Council elections are held as electronic elections on 31 October–2 November and 5–7 November 2018. The elections are held to elect the Student Union's highest decision-making body, the 60-member Representative Council. All HYY’s members, around 27,000 students at the University of Helsinki, are eligible to vote in the elections. The Representative Council has the highest decision-making power in HYY and makes decisions on issues such as the Student Union’s budget of several million euros, its major policies on the organisations operating within the Student Union, the University and society, and the business direction of the company we own, HYY Group. In addition to this, the Representative Council appoints the Student Union's Board and chairs as well as the student members of the Board of the University of Helsinki.

Number of candidates per group (change from previous elections)

HELP 120 (+29)
Maailmanpyörä 114 (-3)
HYAL 103 (-1)
Osakuntalainen vaalirengas 93 (-50)
Edistykselliset 66 (+11)
Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar 60 (+22)
Social Democratic Students’ Association OSY ry 26 (-14)
Finns Party’s electoral coalition 7 (+4)
Pirates 4 (0)
Vapauden puolesta – Blue Reform and Christian Democrats 3 (new)
Liberal electoral coalition 2 (0)

The candidate numbers are published on 9 October on HYY’s website

Further information
Election Coordinator Silva Loikkanen
046 921 7850

Are you interested in what kind of teaching is organised in your degree programme? This is your chance to influence matters!

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki is looking for two actual and two vice members for the executive groups of all Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes for the term 1 January 2019–31 December 2020. Applications should be submitted at by noon on Monday 8 October 2018. Further information on positions of student representative open in autumn 2018 is available in the calls for applications.

Each degree programme at the University of Helsinki has an executive group that supports the director of the degree programme and processes the main issues related to the degree programme’s operation. Two actual and two vice members represent students in each executive group.

The preparation of curricula and deciding on the annual teaching schedule are particularly important influencing places for students: executive groups determine the framework for what courses are taught in the schedule, which studies are compulsory to everyone, how much optional studies can be included in degrees, what kind of study material and teaching methods are used on courses and what completion methods each course has. In addition to this, executive groups process issues related to student admissions in the degree programme and the use of teaching and facility resources, for instance.

As a member of the executive group, students will get to influence teaching offered in the degree programme and make students’ voice heard while forming useful networks at the same time. Students can also get credits for acting in the executive group.

If you have any questions on the selection process for student representatives, check out the frequently asked questions first for a quick answer. The selection process is described in more detail here.

Contact persons for questions on the selection process

Silva Loikkanen
Selection Coordinator

Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist for Higher Education Policy (Student representatives, students' legal protection)