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The transition to the new degree programmes in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees occurs in the University of Helsinki on 1 August 2017. How can you move from the old degrees into the new ones or continue onto the new Master’s programmes from the new Bachelor’s programmes? The Rector of the University has decided on the general principles of transitions and continuations in March, and faculties will base their own, detailed decisions on the Rector’s decision.

We have collected the most essential information for students concerning the decision into this article.

The university has also sent an info package to subject organisations' mail lists Tuesday 25 April.

How to move from the old degrees into the new ones?
You can move from the old degree programmes and subjects into the new degree programmes according to the faculties’ own equivalency tables. These tables are still in the process of being made. Students moving from an old programme into a new one have the right to choose their programme as long as their major is suitable for the new degree programme and they have completed the courses required by the faculty’s and the subject’s equivalency tables.

Students have the right to continue in their old programme until the end of the transition period, which ends on 31 July 2020.  Students can move into the new programmes at the time of their choosing. Fast transition is not necessarily in the students’ best interests even if the University generally recommends this option. When considering the transition, you should consider matters such as your possibilities of getting accepted into an especially popular Master’s programme (see below). If your Bachelor’s or Master’s studies are almost finished and graduation before 31 July 2020 is certain, moving into a new programme is not necessarily worth it in the middle of the degree.

How to move from the new Bachelor’s programmes into the new Master’s programmes?
According to the Rector’s decision, certain Bachelor’s programmes have alternative ‘Master’s programme options’. Students can choose between these options when they continue onto Master’s studies. This means that all students who have completed the new Bachelor’s degree and want into a specific new Master’s programme – especially if it is popular – will not be accepted into it as they must meet certain criteria. Selection criteria that faculties set for their degree programmes may include completed studies and their contents, study success and time used for studies. The criteria won't be applied to students who move from old degree programmes to new ones.

In practice, these restrictions mean that all students will not get into the Master’s programme of their choosing after having completed their Bachelor’s degree. However, everyone’s right to study at the University of Helsinki will continue. Students who are not accepted into popular programmes receive a place from an alternative Master’s programme.

How does the Student Union attempt to influence the transitions between degrees?
Before the Rector’s decision, the transition and continuation rules were discussed in the University’s Academic Affairs Council (ONE). The Student Union’s representative in ONE is Specialist Heikki Isotalo, whereas Minna Mäkitalo is the student member. During the discussions in ONE, HYY has emphasised that faculties must decide on the degree programmes’ selection criteria and inform the students about them as early as possible. Students must already know what is expected of them to get accepted in the Master’s programmes when they are applying to study at the University.

The Student Union’s opinion is that as many Master’s programmes as possible should be kept open to all willing students so that a new, completely unnecessary barrier is not created into the middle of studies. HYY is having discussions with the deans of the faculties and supporting the student members in faculty councils so that students’ freedom of choice remains as extensive as possible.

More information:
Heikki Isotalo
+358 50 543 8458

The planned maximum limit for degrees at the University of Helsinki will apply only to students who begin their studies 1 August 2017 and after. The University plans to limit bachelor’s and master's degree certificates to fit a maximum of 300 credits combined (180 and 120 credits respectively). The limit would include a 10 per cent margin.

The Council of Education at the University of Helsinki met 24 April. From the discussion, it could be concluded that current students at the University will be allowed to include all studies, which have been approved before transferring to the new degree programmes, in their degree certificates. The transition period ends 31 July 2020.

Both current and new students will retain the right to do study units that exceed the suggested and maximum degree size. Students who will transfer to the new degree programmes after 1 August 2017 will receive a separate transcript of all extra study units not included in the degree certificate when they graduate.

The Student Union is still opposed to limiting degree sizes, even though we welcome the The Council of Educations current that allow new students more academic freedom than their previous stance. Representing the Student Union in the council is specialist Heikki Uusitalo, and the council’s current student member is Minna Mäkitalo.

More information:
Heikki Isotalo
+358 50 543 8458

Picture: Saku MetsärinnePicture: Saku Metsärinne

HYY’s 149th anniversary – the best thing ever!

Epic, surprising, touching, hilarious or dazzling? What kind of an anniversary do you think HYY should have? Should there be confetti, sparkles or perhaps some alpacas? Are you a party planning pro? If so, become our anniversary master!

HYY’s anniversary is held on Thursday 23 November, and it will be celebrated in the form of an academic dinner party with an open after-party. This year, the celebration will be at the Crowne Plaza. The anniversary master assembles an anniversary team, participates in planning both the anniversary and its after-party and is responsible for the practical arrangements of the anniversary. It is possible to apply as an anniversary master duo, too. The anniversary master or masters will be remunerated with a fee of 1,000 euros and a 15% commission on all the sponsors they successfully negotiate for the event. This job requires fluent Finnish or English.

Please send your free-form application to by Monday, 8 May 2017, at 10 am. The email should be titled “Anniversary master 2017”. Interviews for the position will be held during week 20.

More information:
Elina Nieminen, Member of the Board in charge of events, tel. 050 325 8041,

What should the Student Union focus on? What should we advocate for at the University, Helsinki or nationally? What should our stand be on tuition fees, student housing or students' subsistence? What kind of activities should HYY provide and organize for its members?

We are renewing our guiding principles this year and turningn them into a new policy paper. The work will be split into five different working groups which all go through the Student Union’s current priorities and create new ones.

The working groups are open to all HYY members. If you can’t make it to the first meeting but would like to participate, please contact the person responsible for the group. The first meetings will be held during the spring.

Facebook event for the project:

The working groups

Contact persons' emails are

City and housing  (Joel Lindqvist) 2 May at 5 pm

Health and students' subsistence (Mikko Kymäläinen) 24 April at 5pm

Educational policy (Minna Silvennoinen) 25 April at 5pm

Organisations (Matias Nurmi) 3 May at 5pm, meeting room Seppele (Leppäsuonkatu 11)

Culture (Elina Nieminen) April 26th at 6pm, meeting room Sparre (Mannerheimintie 5A, 2nd floor)

University has proposed that degree certificates would in the future include only the minimum number of ECTS required for the degree. It means that the bachelor’s and master's degree certificates combined could fit a maximum of 300 credits. The proposed limit is part of the general renewal of degree programmes and studies in the university.

With the limit, the university wishes to streamline degrees and to encourage students to graduate in set time and with degrees of the suggested size of 180 credits (bachelor) and 120 credits (master). The limit would not prevent students to do courses and study units that exceed the maximum. However, extra studies would not be included in the degree diploma but listed only on a separate transcript.

The Student Union has commented on the issues the suggested limitation arises both in written form and in discussions with the university. HYY has pointed out, for example, these issues.

  • Students are the best judges when it comes down to assessing which kind of combinations will the most beneficial after graduation. Cross-disciplinary studies and making surprising and innovative study choices will only become harder if the credit maximum is fixed.
  • Students are already politically pressured to study as little and as fast as possible; it is not the university’s job to increase the pressure further.The restriction will hardly change the way students compile their studies but they will continue to do minor subjects and study units they find useful. Applying for jobs will only become cumbersome, as students have to present their skills with multiple transcripts and attachments alongside their diplomas in interviews and applications. 
  • Above all, if the university wishes to cut off excessive sidesteps in studies, the best way to do this is by proficient tutoring and guidance, not by limiting academic curiosity and freedom with minimum-size degrees.

More information:
Heikki Isotalo (specialist, education policy and the development of teaching)

Services Office moves to a new location in Kaivopiha’s Hansakäytävä hallway (Mannerheimintie 5 C). The space is currently used by Kolmen Sepän kirjakauppa bookstore.

The current location of the Services Office at the New Student House (Mannerheimintie 5 A, 2nd floor) is open until Wednesday 26 April, and the new office will open Wednesday 3 May.

The Services Office is closed in the interim 27 April–2 May.

The office will move due to piping renovations at the New Student House’s staircase A. The renovation is due to finish before the end of September 2017, after which the Services Office will return to HYY’s Central Office.

See contact information and opening hours:

59 HYY’s members ran as municipal election candidates in Helsinki – as many as 5% of all candidates. Alviina Alametsä, Fatim Diarra, Petra Malin, Otto Meri, Dani Niskanen and Daniel Sazonov were elected to the City Council. Tarik Ahsanullah, Toni Ahva, Elisa Gebhard, Mia Haglund, Sirkku Ingervo, Marianna Kupias, Matilda Merenmies, Karin Palmén, Amanda Pasanen and Sameli Sivonen became deputy members.

HYY’s members Herik Vuornos and Teemu Lahtinen were elected in Espoo and Sara Saramäki became a deputy member. Sakari Rokkanen was elected to the city council and Helen Josefsson became a deputy member in Vantaa. Several candidates were also elected to the city councils of municipalities outside the capital region: Anita Westerholm in Raasepori, Deryan Özgün in Riihimäki, Heli Lehtelä in Orimattila and Sofia Nevalainen in Lovisa

Congratulations to the elected candidates!

Are you interested in sports? Would you like to inspire new students into sporty life, too? Apply to become a sports tutor now!

The purpose of sports tutoring is to familiarize freshmen with student sports - both the diverse selection of UniSport and independent exercise opportunities - and inspire freshmen to maintain a sporty lifestyle in the middle of busy study schedules. Sports tutors are not required to be in top shape or to be trained coaches. You only need the willingness and enthusiasm to make the freshman autumn of new students even better and more fun!
The Student Union organizes an education evening for the selected sports tutors on 11th May. At the evening tutors will get information about how to plan and organize events and tutors have a change to get to know each other’s. In addition to other sports tutors, our partner in sport tutoring is UniSport, which provides tutors with free facilities and group training, as well as financial support for sports outside UniSport facilities. No matter whether you take the freshmen to play football, practice hot yoga or collect mushrooms, sports can be various sports.

Sports tutors will get 4 months training card to UniSport as reward. After organizing 5 events to freshmen and reporting your experiences, you will get other 4 months.

Sports tutoring requires:
•    motivation to be a sports tutor.
•    will to organize 5 sports events to freshmen in the autumn 2017.

It doesn’t stand in a way to become a sports tutor:
•    if you are also regular tutor in the autumn 2017.
•    if you already have a training card to UniSport. (The reward will be added after your card’s period of validity.)

Apply to become a sports tutor by 12 noon at 2nd of May with this form:

Hanna-Maria Häkkilä (, the board member of the Student Union with responsibility of sports tutoring, will answer to all questions considering this subject.

The Student Union’s new producer is Arttu Lehtinen! Arttu (28) has a cultural management degree from Humak University of Applied Sciences and he has previously worked as a producer at Funky Amigos and Wildlife Festival in Helsinki and as a communications assistant for We Jazz.

Our producer leads HYY’s event production, which includes the Freshman Adventure, the largest freshman event in the country, and the celebrations for HYY150 anniversary year. They are also in charge of communications and marketing aimed at making the student union a lively and welcoming community.

"I’m so excited to get to produce events for HYY! Together with the entire Student Union we’re going to make the HYY150 festivities bloom all kinds of communal experiences. I particularly want to create events that become lively and welcoming meeting places for every HYY member – and to convey outwards, too, this spirit and all the awesome things students work on all the time."

Arttu will join us already on Tuesday 11 April next week.

Would you like to influence the study environment at your faculty? Are you interested in student life related health issues? Are you willing to support health promotion?

One of the central tasks of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is health promotion. Locally this health promotion work is organized through working groups, which include both representatives of the staff of the FSHS, students, university staff and other stakeholders. The health promotion of the students of the University of Helsinki is organized by two working groups, one for the faculties of the City Centre Campus and one for the faculties operating at Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki Campuses.

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is now looking for all in all 11 student representatives from all faculties for the term September 1 2017 until August 31 2019. The working groups currently work in Finnish, so a basic command of the Finnish language is advisable. Please see the Finnish or Swedish version of the ad for more information on the working groups and on how to apply. The deadline for applications is Monday April 24 at 12 o’clock.

Further information: Sofia Lindqvist, Specialist at HYY,, 050 543 9605.