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The #HYYtymättömät blood donation campaign for organisations operating under HYY was arranged now for the second time and proved a complete success. The total number of donors rose up to a staggering 334, which is 70 donations more than last year. The eagerness of HYY’s organisations to donate blood helped 1,002 patients, which is a superb achievement.

The winners of this year’s #HYYtymättömät campaign were the Finnish Veterinary Student Association (EKY) and TKO-Äly, the subject organisation of students of computer science. HYY congratulates the winners! The organisations receive a free sauna evening at HYY’s sauna premises as well as a certificate of honour as their prizes.

We want to thank all participants for their contribution and welcome everyone to lend a helping hand again next year!

The National Theatre offers members of HYY tickets for 10 euros for the shows held on 7 January 7pm and 26 January 7pm.

Tickets can be booked by calling the National Theatre ticket office number: 010 7331 331. When booking, please mention the booking code: HYY yliopisto. Tickets can be collected from the National Theatre ticket office and you must present your student card which proves HYY's membership.

Further information about the play (in Finnish):


We, the undersigned student unions, plead for maintaining student healthcare as a single, high-quality entity. The easiest way to ensure this is to secure the operating conditions of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) in the social and healthcare reform and to expand the service to cover students in universities of applied sciences.

In order to maintain the quality of FSHS’ services, its status must be clearly stated in legislation and student healthcare must be left out of the freedom of choice model. The report on student healthcare made by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) also proposed organising student healthcare as a single entity that includes healthcare and nursing services (STM 2012, 39). This is the only way to ensure the continuation of FSHS’ operations. FSHS is a well-functioning example of organising student healthcare as a whole in the best possible manner as well as cost-effectively. FSHS’ work includes both general healthcare services and supporting study ability in cooperation with higher education institutions.

For many higher education students, the stage of life that coincides with studying includes significant challenges such as becoming independent, the pressures of getting through studies, difficult financial situations and changes in one’s circle of friends. Understandably, the aforementioned factors as well as other challenges in students’ stages of life are reflected in their health, mental health in particular. This means that the prevention of more serious problems requires expertise focused on students as well as opportunities and resources to cooperate with the entire higher education unit. This is exactly what FSHS does in an exemplary, committed and high-quality fashion.

‘The collaboration between FSHS and universities is of crucial importance for student healthcare’, Community Health Chief Physician Kristina Kunttu from FSHS states. ‘Student healthcare is like occupational healthcare: we need to be working where students are. We can only take action against problems that arise during appointments if we know what is causing the problems in the studying environment’, Kunttu continues. ‘In recent years, the results of cooperation have been visible in, for instance, the decrease of stress experienced by first-year students after we have known to start giving more attention to group formation and student counselling.’

Student healthcare as a whole inseparably includes both general healthcare and close cooperation with higher education institutions. FSHS takes care of this whole with years of expertise, in cooperation with the end users and by constantly developing its operations. The operational conditions of the comprehensive student healthcare produced by FSHS should not be scrapped in the social and healthcare reform, and these services must be offered to all higher education students.


Aalto University Student Union
Chair of the Board Milja Asikainen

Student Union of the University of Helsinki
Chair of the Board Susanna Jokimies

Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä
Chair of the Board Lasse Heikkilä

Student Union of the University of Oulu
Chair of the Board Kati Hannila

Student Union of the University of Tampere
Chair of the Board Mikael Malkamäki

Student Union of Tampere University of Technology
Chair of the Board Maria Kultanen

Student Union of the University of Turku
Chair of the Board Riina Lumme

Student Union of the University of Vaasa
Chair of the Board Matilda Vähäkangas

Student Union of Åbo Akademi University
Chair of the Board Anton Norrback

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki has appointed Master of Social Sciences Heikki Isotalo as its new specialist in educational policy. Isotalo starts in the position on in the beginning of 2017.

The specialist in educational policy is in charge of issues such as the development of teaching at the University of Helsinki, observing new trends related to teaching, and the working life connections of studies. In addition to this, the specialist is in charge of communication about issues in their sector both within the office and externally in, for instance, social media.

Isotalo has experience of both the student movement and tasks related to communications. He has acted as the Vice Chair and the Chair of the Student Union of the University of Turku in 2012 and 2013. He has improved his communication skills working as a journalist in the Turun ylioppilaslehti student magazine and the Lauttakylä local paper as well as an intern at Kaskas Media and the Finnish League for Human Rights. Isotalo has also held numerous positions of trust.

The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has been appointed for the year 2017. The Representative Council of the Student Union appointed  pol. stud. Laura Luoto as Chair of the Board. HYY Board 2017 will be formed by the Representative Council group of Subject Organisations (HYAL), Opiskelijoiden sosialidemokraattinen yhdistys OSY, the Representative Council group of Student Nations, HYY Greens and The Independent Left, Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar SNÄf, Edistykselliset and HELP will be in the opposition.

The Board’s term is one year and it will begin in January 2017. New Chair of the Board Laura Luoto of HYAL has been the HYY Board Member in charge of international affairs and education policy in 2016.

"Next year we need to play big, so that students wouldn't have to do with any less than what is possible. All change starts with people with passion, relentlessness and ideas.", says the Chair of the Board, Laura Luoto.

HYY Board of 2017: 

Laura Luoto (Chair; HYAL), Ada Saarinen (Vice Chair; HYY Greens), Lauri Linna (Chair of the Financial Committee; The Independent Left), Hanna-Maria Häkkilä (Student Nations), Mikko Kymäläinen (OSY), Joel Lindqvist (The Independent Left), Elina Nieminen (HYAL), Matias Nurmi (HYAL), Elli Saari (HYAL), Minna Silvennoinen (HYY Greens), Minna Suorsa (HYAL) and Riikka Tähkävuori (HYY Greens).

Further information:

Laura Luoto, HYY Chair of the Board 2017
tel. +358 50 543 9612