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The National Theatre offers members of HYY tickets for 10 euros for the shows held on 7 April 7pm, 13 April 7pm and 28 April 7pm.

Tickets can be booked by calling the National Theatre ticket office number: 010 7331 331. When booking, please mention the booking code: HYY yliopisto. Tickets can be collected from the National Theatre ticket office and you must present your student card which proves HYY's membership.

Further information about the play (in Finnish):

The Student Union’s Board held the two companies’ shareholders’ meetings on 17 March, choosing the members of the boards for the 1 April 2016–31 March 2017 term.

Mikko Myllys continues as the Chairman of HYY Group’s Board, while Jaakko Hietala, Tarja Pääkkönen and Erkka Valkila continue as assessors on the Board. Reima Rytsölä, the Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer of Varma, has been appointed as a new assessor. Risto Karinkanta continues as a student member on the board, while Antti Kähkönen, Minna Mäkitalo, Aarni Suvitie and Elina Tyynelä have been appointed as new student members.

Daniel Sazonov continues as the Chair of the Board at Ylioppilaslehden kustannus Oy. Elina Keckman continues as a Member of the Board and Harri Saukkomaa as a specialist. Iiro Kauma, Anssi Mykkänen and Joonas Pulkkinen were chosen as new student members.

This year, the members of the boards were chosen using a new, application-based model. In this model, the importance of the applicants’ background in representative council groups was reduced, and more weight was given on their competence.

For more information, please contact Member of the Board Tarik Ahsanullah, tel. 050 595 0327,

HYY allocates grants for new study projects organised by students. The project can, for example, develop study methods, apply theory to practice or advance students' professional competence. The grant cannot be allocated retroactively.

Throughout the years, grants for innovative learning projects have been given to projects such as a soap manufacturing workshop run by nutritional science students, a saddle course by students of veterinary medicine, workshop activities in an international environmental seminar and an art exhibition study group by humanists.
The total amount of the allocated grant is 5,000 euros (approx. 100–900 euros per project). When allocating the grant, the initiative and learning methods that encourage students to be active are taken into account. The projects that have received the grant can be presented in HYY communications as good examples.  The study projects must be as open as possible to anyone interested in taking part.

The grant is not allocated for the following purposes:
•    Travel or catering expenses
•    Facility expenses, with the exception of specially equipped facilities, which cannot be received free of charge
•    Printing of publications, unless decided otherwise based on the application
•    Master's thesis projects
•    Such basic education, which is primarily the responsibility of the department
•    Remuneration or salaries
•    Continuous/regular activities

The person in charge of the project is committed to report about the implementation of the project after its completion.

The grant can be applied by a form which opens 17th of March. You can fill the application form in here:

Please check the information before submitting the form! Information cannot be edited later so you should consider the required information before filling the form. You can draft your application with a word processing program and then copy it into the form.

The last day to apply is 6th of April. Late applications will not be considered.

All applicants will be informed about the allocation of the grants during May.

For further information, please contact Member of the Board Maria Loima, tel. 050 576 5073,

Are you interested in growing your own food but lack the place to do so? Do you need practical tips and advice on farming? Do you want to try farming but fear that your plants will wither during your two-week summer trip? If you answered ‘yes’ to even one question, you should join campus farming!

Campus farming is available for the students, postgraduate students and personnel of the University of Helsinki at the City Centre campus, at Viikki and, for the first time this year, at Kumpula. At Viikki, 38 planter boxes are available on the green area next to Biocenter 3. At the City Centre campus, the inner courtyard of Snellmania (at Unioninkatu 37) has 40 planter bags, while the inner courtyard of Topelia (at Unioninkatu 38) has 10. In Kumpula, a patch of 20 planter bags will be established into the inner courtyard of Chemicum. One person or group may reserve one or half a planter bag or box for their use for the summer.

More information on campus farming and on the Campus Farming Committee, which organises the activities, is available at their blog ( Current news on their activities and events can be found at the Facebook group for campus farming ( – joining the group is highly recommended!

Yes, I want to become a farmer!

Signing up to become a farmer can be done via e-form on 21–27 March 2016. The form is opened at 9 am on Monday and closed at 11.59 pm on Sunday. The places are filled in the order of sign-ups, and only a limited number of places are available – try to be quick when signing up!

Link to the e-form:

Read this before signing up

A total of 108 farming spots are available for campus farming. The size of the spots is at least 80 x 80 x 80 cm. One person or group may reserve either half a spot or a whole one.

The farming spots at the City Centre are located in inner courtyards that are locked during evenings and weekends. Entering the inner courtyard of Snellmania is possible with Alexandria’s night key, and acquiring one is recommended. We recommend the inner court of Topelia for those that already have a pass (personnel). However, if needed, the committee can acquire passes to Topelia.

A whole farming spot for one summer costs 10 €, while half a spot is 5 €. For this fee, the farmer will receive the spot, soil, plant seeds, fertiliser, the possibility to borrow tools, current information on farming and the possibility to attend campus farming events.

The Campus Farming Committee will organise a course on box farming in April, and the farming season is opened in May/June with an opening event where farmers are primed on the practical sides of farming and campuses. During May, we will organise one or two communal work days on each campus to put the farming areas into shape. Participation is therefore desirable as everyone’s help is needed to get everything ready!

Campus farming is organised by HYY’s Campus Farming Committee. The committee members are volunteers, which means that we hope that each farmer will look after their spots from the opening event until the end of the season. However, we do encourage communal spirit! Even though everyone has their own spot, helping others is the nice thing to do. Participating in communal work and repairs is desirable, too.

When signing up to become a campus farmer, please take care to read the e-form thoroughly and answer the questions as accurately as possible. If you encounter any problems in the sign-up process, please contact the Campus Farming Committee (contact information available in the blog).

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is in search of four ACCESSIBILITY TUTORS to act at each of the University of Helsinki’s different campuses at the City Centre, Kumpula, Viikki and Meilahti.

Accessibility tutoring began with a pilot run in autumn 2015. The concept was a success, and now it is time to expand it. For each campus, HYY is primarily looking for someone who studies at the campus in question and has experience of the situation and problem areas regarding accessibility at that campus. Accessibility tutors are expected to for example help students and student organisations with their accessibility problems and to offer answers to their questions that may sometimes be quite tricky. The chosen tutors will be remunerated with 100 euros.

Free-form applications addressed to HYY’s Member of the Board Antti Pollari (in charge of tutoring) should be sent to the following address: Student Union of the University of Helsinki, Mannerheimintie 5A, 2nd floor, 00100 Helsinki. Applications can also be sent electronically to by 30 April 2016 at noon. In your application, please specify the campus where you would like to act as an accessibility tutor.

For more information on the position, please contact HYY’s Member of the Board Antti Pollari, tel. 050 543 9611, email

Are you having trouble finding suitable places for studying? Is the campus too dark and dreary? Do you feel like an outsider? Do you dislike going to lectures? Is nothing working out? No worries – now you can change all of this! Come up with a solution to make your campus more comfortable, and it may just become true, allowing you to happily continue with your studies.

Develop a feasible idea for making your campus more functional alone or together with someone else. Best ideas will be implemented when it’s possible.

Send a plan of implementation and a budget for your idea to crista.hamalainen(at) by 15 April. Use the title the campus contest and share your idea in social media with the hashtag #studentscampus. The plan must include your project’s goal, means of realising them and schedule.

You may also come and present your plan to the evaluation panel on 20 April. The decision on which ideas will be implemented will be published on 22 April. The evaluation panel will include representatives from HYY’s Board, the Board of the Centre for Facilities and Properties of the University of Helsinki, and HYY’s Representative Council.

The idea should not include renovating buildings or blocking exits with furniture. Furthermore, you should not propose anything that is against the rules of the university’s activities or use of premises, such as handing out keys, opening hours, taking coffee to lecture halls, etc. The budget for the idea is 500 euros, and the money has to benefit the entire campus as a community. The Centre for Facilities and Properties of the University of Helsinki supports exceptionally good ideas.

We strive to implement the best ideas, but reserve the right to further develop the ideas as well as to hand out honorary mentions to ideas that cannot be implemented as of yet.

Three ideas will be rewarded with a sauna evening at attic sauna Kekkonen.

WHAT? Contest: Develop the campus
WHERE? University of Helsinki, in social media #studentscampus, in Facebook
WHEN? Send your idea by 15 April to crista.hamalainen(at)

STATEMENT 9 March 2016

The University of Helsinki’s students, Chancellor Thomas Wilhelmsson and Vice Rector Keijo Hämäläinen (in charge of education) warn the Government of the consequences of cutting students’ subsistence. Decreasing the level of the study grant while increasing the share of student loan only encourages students to take on more work alongside their studies, not to graduate in target time. Contrary to the Government’s objectives, cutting student aid will make study times longer and prevent students from fully focusing on their studies.

– The primary objective of the student aid is to encourage studying. By guaranteeing students’ subsistence during their studies, we will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to study regardless of their background and wealth, HYY’s Chair of the Board Susanna Jokimies reiterates.

With the cuts it has made to universities’ funding, the Finnish Government has already shown its disregard towards long-term research and the preconditions for high-quality university studies.

The cuts to education will unavoidably influence the amount and quality of teaching, but they will be an especially hard blow on support and administrative services, which are necessary to ensure that students can smoothly progress through their studies and graduate. Admitting new students, career advisement, library services and even registering grades are all things that do not happen automatically – they require skilled and professional personnel.

– It is a wise investment on the part of society to enable full-time, purposeful studying without the financial necessity of having to work during the academic term. Studies should not have to yield because of work – this makes both students and teachers suffer, the University of Helsinki’s Vice Rector Keijo Hämäläinen (in charge of education) declares.

The cuts to both education and student aid hit the lives of students at the University of Helsinki who live in the Capital Region particularly hard.

One third of the students living in the Uusimaa region who receive the study grant and the housing supplement already use both of these and even more just for their rents, which are the highest in the country. For one in ten students at the University of Helsinki, the most important reason for their studies slowing down is having problems with subsistence.

There are enough student apartments for only one fourth of higher education students. The rate of use in the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region’s (Hoas) student apartments is 99%, while over 3 000 students are continuously in line for an apartment.

– When getting work is uncertain on many fields and acquiring even a modest apartment often requires a substantial debt, being afraid of financing your studies with a loan is quite understandable. I am convinced that weakening student aid will only serve to make graduation times longer, the University of Helsinki’s Chancellor Thomas Wilhelmsson notes.

If student financial aid is decreased from its current level, fewer students will afford to focus on their studies full time. Two alternatives will remain: work or get a debt of over 20 000 euros for your Master’s degree.

Everyone, regardless of their wealth, should have the economic prerequisites to study full time and in peace as well as to graduate on time. This is why a sufficient level of subsistence should be guaranteed to students, and the cuts to student aid should be abandoned.

Susanna Jokimies, Chair of the Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki
Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki
Keijo Hämäläinen, Vice Rector of the University of Helsinki

More information:

Susanna Jokimies, HYY Chair of the Board
tel. +35 850 543 9610

Do you consider equity in the university environment important to you? Do you have ideas on how equity could improve within the Student Union? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should join the working group for updating HYYs equity plan!

The Student Union’s equity plan outlines goals for HYY, its organisations and the university. The previous equity plan was passed  for the years 2012-2016 and the new one will be in use during  2017-2021.

The group will meet in meeting room Seppele at Leppäsuonkatu 11, which is accessible by wheelchair.

The first meeting will be held on 24.3. at 16:00 but one can join the working group later as well.

A preliminary meeting schedule follows:

5.4. at 16:00
13.4. at 16:00

For more information, please contact the chair of the working group Johanna Riitakorpi 0503486119, or the secretary of the group, HYY board member in charge of equity Antti Pollari (050 543 9611,

Do join us!

Sipilä’s government has already introduced massive cuts to education and universities, as well as introducing tuition fees for non-EU/EEA nationals. These cuts are already very much present in a student's everyday life. This is not enough, however. Student financial aid is also facing massive cuts.

Yesterday, 1 March, saw the release of Professor Roope Uusitalo’s report on reforming student aid, commissioned by the Ministry of Education. Cuts suggested by Professor Uusitalo include:
Financial aid dropped to 250,28 euros per month.
A new maximum of 45 months of financial aid (for Master's Degree programmes).
Monthly credit requirements for aid to be increased from 5 to 6 credits.
The monthly amount of state-guaranteed student loan increased to 650 euros.
Compensation from student loans for students who graduate in set target time to be cut from 40 to 30 per cent.

HYY will take part in the student aid demonstration held on 9 March from 1 pm onwards – join us there! The demonstration includes a march that will start from the Senaatintori square at 1 pm, going along Aleksanterinkatu and Mannerheimintie towards the Kiasma art museum and the Finnish Parliament Annex (Pikkuparlamentti) where both politicians and representatives of the student movement will take the floor.

There is an event for the student aid demonstration on Facebook.

On the student aid demonstration page on the HYY website you can check whether your organisation meets before the demonstration to go there together. Of course, you can also tag along with another organisation. There’s also a banner workshop, materials and a banner contest for organisations, with individual students welcome to participate as well.

The demonstration is not the only way to influence how student aid is reformed. You can find instructions for demonstrating, being impactful in social media and making banners at the very same student aid demonstration page on the HYY website.

Read HYY’s previous texts on student aid on our Facebook page or as News on our website.

You can read Professor Roope Uusitalo’s report here, but unfortunately it is only available in Finnish.