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Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students

Juha Sipilä's Government submitted to the Parliament a bill (HE 77/2015) on tuition fees charged at higher education institutions, which would concern non-EU/EEA students. Tuition fees will apply to lower and higher foreign language degree programmes. Higher education institutions are able to set the amount of tuition fees by themselves but the minimum fee would be EUR 1,500 per academic year. Higher education institutions should have a scholarship system that supports the studies of students participating in the fee-charging degree programmes. The legislation will enter into force on 1 Jan 2016 and higher education institutions must begin to collect the fees no later than 1 Aug 2017.

The University of Helsinki will determine the amount of tuition fees with the Rector's decision in January 2016. It is expected that the amount of tuition fees will range between EUR 10,000 – 20,000, depending on the degree programme. At the same time, the University of Helsinki is creating a marketing machinery and scholarship system in order to introduce compulsory fees in the autumn of 2017.

A university working committee will turn its focus during the winter and the coming spring to plan the practical implementation of the tuition system, i.e. marketing, scholarships, the distribution of the revenue gained from the fees and managing feedback from students.

The beginning of the end for free higher education for all?

Tuition fees will not concern Finnish or EU citizens and, for now, there is no need to be concerned. However, tuition fees for international students can be seen as a first step towards a situation where the Finnish students' wealth will determine who has access to higher education in the future.

HYY and the rest of the student movement oppose the tuition fees. The fees will hardly provide additional funding to the university but rather create additional expenses due to bureaucracy caused by scholarship systems, marketing and payment administration. In addition, tuition fees may significantly reduce the number of talented international students in Finnish higher education institutions. In Sweden, for example, the introduction of tuition fees significantly reduced the number of non-EU/EEA students after 2010.

Free education is a great selling point for Finland and the general trend worldwide is the discontinuation of tuition fees. Germany, for example, has decided to return to free education.

The Student Union does advocacy work together with other student organisations and aims to influence decision-makers in order to maintain free education to all in the future.

The National Theatre offers HYY members tickets for 10 euros for the shows held on 6 Feb 7pm, 20 Feb 1pm and 29 Feb 7pm.

Tickets can be booked by calling the National Theatre ticket office number: 010 7331 331. When booking, please mention the booking code: HYY yliopisto. Tickets can be collected from the National Theatre ticket office and you must present your student card which proves HYY's membership.

Further information about the play (in Finnish):

The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki for the year 2016 has been brought to order in a meeting 13 January. The Board has decided on the distribution of work and the respective responsibilities of each individual Member of the Board. The new Board will begin to put HYY’s Programme of Objectives 2016 into action.

The main goal for the Board in 2016 is to make the Student Union meaningful for its members by, for example, experimenting with new ways of participating and influencing student life and advocacy.

The responsibilities and contact information of the Members of the Board:

Susanna Jokimies: Chair of the Board
tel. +358 50 543 9610

Crista Hämäläinen: Vice Chair of the Board, Coordination of Advocacy, communication, representative council elections
tel. +358 50 5950328

Aapeli Piesala: Chair of the Financial Committee, development cooperation
tel. +358 50 595 0324

Tarik Ahsanullah: HYY Group, education policy, legal protection
tel. +358 50 595 0327

Noora Eilola: culture, communication
tel. +358 50 325 8041

Timo Jääskeläinen: subsistence, housing
tel. +358 50 325 9175

Maria Loima: education policy, working life affairs
tel. +358 50 576 5073

Laura Luoto: education policy, international affairs
tel. +358 50 543 9612

Rasmus Olander: bilingualism, healt, sports
tel. +358 50 595 0329

Antti Pollari: new students and tutoring, equality, kindred nations
tel. +358 50 543 9611

Henna Pursiainen: urban affairs, environment
tel. +358 50 595 0318

Santeri Velin: organisations, campus farming
tel. +358 50 543 9615

E-mails: firstname.surname(at)

Further information:
Susanna Jokimies, Chair of the Board
tel. +358 50 543 9610

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is one of the founder communities of the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) and a significant background figure. When the regulations of Hoas are reformed, the role and the size of the delegation will change. We are now looking for five actual members and five deputy members to a new Hoas Delegation. Two representatives are elected for a one-year term 2016 and three representatives are elected for a two-year term 2016-2017. The vice chair of the delegation is also elected from among HYY's members.

The most important responsibility of Hoas Delegation is to supervise the activities of Hoas Board. If necessary, the delegation also appoints Hoas board members. The Hoas Delegation consists of 16 members and meets annually mainly in the spring and autumn meetings. In addition to statutory meetings, the delegation may be convened in order to brainstorm, spar and develop Hoas. HYY provides training and background support for the position. The membership in Hoas Delegation is a confidential post and the members are not paid for the post.

Applicants should have interest in student housing, motivation to act for the purpose of Hoas, which is to facilitate the students' housing situation, and the enthusiasm to develop Hoas. The knowledge of the operating environment of Hoas and the preparedness to cooperate with HYY will contribute to the successful management of the confidential post. In addition, living in Hoas housing, being active in residents' committees and experience in HYY's activities are considered advantages. The operating language of the Delegation is Finnish so fluency in the Finnish language is an asset.

Please deliver your application by email to no later than 31 Jan 2016. The application should include the applicant's first names, surname, personal identity number, address, domicile, nationality, email address and telephone number. You may also attach your CV.

Further information: 

HYY's Housing Specialist Sofia Lindqvist,, 050 543 9605