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150 gifts for students – HYY’s Anniversary year has begun!


HYY turns 150 years old this year. To celebrate the ongoing Anniversary year, HYY hid 150 birthday presents around the campus areas of the University of Helsinki. The presents were left to be discovered at random by students on Thursday, February, and they contained things like movie tickets and colouring pens as well as items that encourage towards sustainable choices, such as reusable cups, seeds of edible plants, and biodegradable glitter.

Through these gifts, HYY wanted to remind everyone that the Anniversary year is a celebration for each and every member of the Student Union.

‘The theme of the Anniversary year is communality’, Chair of HYY’s Board Lauri Linna states. ‘The Student Union is a community into which each student leaves their own mark. For this reason, the Anniversary year is dedicated to everyone HYY has ever given support, security, and endless opportunities.’

150 years of a better future

HYY’s members will have parties upon parties in 2018.

This spring, members of the Student Union will crown Havis Amanda on May Day’s Eve, and May Day itself will be celebrated in traditional fashion at Ullanlinnanmäki. The Grand Sitsit academic dinner party will take over the Senate Square in May, while this year’s Flora’s day celebration will take place at the Meilahti Campus. The Opening Carnival and the Freshman Adventure will begin the new academic year in September. The Anniversary year will be concluded in December with the traditional Students’ Independence Day Procession.

Before that, the 150-year-old Student Union will be celebrated at the two-week HYY150 Festival in November. The Festival will bring together the best events of student organisations operating under HYY, culminating in the greatest Anniversary party of all time. HYY will communicate about these events through its communication channels.

During its Anniversary year, HYY wishes to remind everyone about the role of students as a resource for society. HYY has strived to promote the wellbeing of both students and the entire world throughout its 150-year history. We aim to continue on this path for the next 150 years, too.

‘The Student Union is a force that changes the world, involved in creating wellbeing both now and in the future’, Linna sums up.