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Come to the HYY POP UP events in Viikki, Meilahti, the City Centre and Kumpula on 11–14 March 2019!



HYY POP UP 11–14 March 2019

Viikki / Meilahti / City Centre / Kumpula

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Are you in need of guidance related to housing or subsistence? Would you like to have a positive impact on study affairs and the study environment at the University? Do you have questions related to your wellbeing or study ability? Would you like to receive guidance related to the FSHS’s wellbeing services, for instance? Do you know how HYY influences matters in elections, the city and society? Are you interested in finding out what kind of organisations and committees operate under HYY and how you could join them? Does your organisation need help with operating grants, for instance? Would you like to give HYY feedback and be involved in influencing the Student Union’s activities and objectives?

Come to the HYY POP UP events in Viikki, Meilahti, the City Centre and Kumpula on 11–14 March 2019!

Members of HYY’s Board and HYY’s specialists will be on call providing guidance every day from Monday to Thursday on each of the University of Helsinki’s campuses in turn. HYY POP UPs will have themed tables related to subsistence, wellbeing, study affairs, elections, committees and organisations. In addition to this, you will be able to get yourself brand-new HYY overall badges, HYY products and prizes!


VIIKKI (Lobby of the EE building, Agnes Sjöberginkatu 2)

at 10 am–3 pm on 11 March 2019

MEILAHTI (Terkko Event Space, Haartmaninkatu 4)

at 10 am–3 pm on 12 March 2019

CITY CENTRE (Guidance Corner, Kaisa House, Fabianinkatu 30)

at 10 am–3 pm on 13 March 2019

KUMPULA (Lobby of Physicum, Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2)

at 10 am–3 pm on 14 March 2019

Theme stands


Wellbeing consists of many different parts, starting from the fulfilment of basic needs such as having a home and a reasonable subsistence. How are you feeling? Are the building blocks of wellbeing in your life set up the way they should be? Whether you are a fresher still searching for balance between studies and having fun or a student with a family already further along your studies but struggling to find time for everything, come and chat with us about the kind of services and help that is available! At the HYY POP UP wellbeing stand, you can also respond to HYY’s new wellbeing survey. We will utilise the results of the survey in the health promotion work done by the FSHS’s health expert groups, for instance. Wellbeing-themed product gifts will be raffled off among everyone who responds to the survey.



Do you have questions about anything related to subsistence or student benefits? At the HYY POP UP subsistence stand, you can ask about and discuss issues related to student benefits as well as hear where to get further information on them. You can also check out the brand-new on subsistence in the University of Helsinki and the Aalto University or play the student simulator! The subsistence stand also has useful material related to Kela’s benefits and managing your personal finances that you can grab for yourself.



Make an early start to the election super spring! Come to our election stand to find your parliamentary election candidate, have your photo taken at HYY’s new brand wall with your own political message and form the future government in an amusing party game. You will not need any background knowledge of politics here. At the election stand, you can learn about HYY’s objectives in the parliamentary and European Parliament elections as well as share your views about a better future for students with us. See you at the stand!


Study affairs

Would you like to be involved in making the University a better place for students and the entire University community? Do you know what rights students have in their studies? What about the ways in which students can influence matters at the University? What are student representatives and how do you become one? At the HYY POP UP study affairs stand, we will give you tips for difficult problems you might encounter during your studies and provide you with information on how you can change the University. In addition to this, you can grab yourself HYY’s new Guide on Legal Protection, which includes the most common problems students encounter in their studies as well as their solutions. HYY’s Studies Committee will also be at our stand – the committee is one possible route for you to get involved in study advocacy work!



There are around 250 different organisations operating under HYY. HYY’s organisations include everything from subject and faculty organisations to student nations and various hobby organisations. HYY’s organisational sector provides organisations with facilities, financial support, and help and guidance in issues related to their activities. If you are not yet familiar with HYY’s organisations, The POP UP stand of HYY’s organisational affairs allows you to get to know HYY’s organisational field and maybe even find a suitable community for yourself. For those already involved in organisational activities, the stand offers information on HYY’s organisational services and guidance on organisational affairs. In addition to this, HYY’s Student Organisations Committee will be at the stand, and you will have the opportunity to get carried away with them into the challenging situations of organisations’ everyday life in the form of a marvellous SOS Game.



Would you like to be involved in organising events for 27,000 members of HYY? Are you interested in development cooperation work in Mozambique? Do you have a burning desire to influence environmental affairs in the parliamentary elections? Does training new organisational actors sound like an exciting prospect? HYY’s different committees allow you to do all of the above – and much more! You will also get to meet new people across disciplinary boundaries and learn new things. Come to the HYY POP UP committee stand to find a route to the committee that suits you the best. Speed is key in our playful competition, and the fastest participant on each day is rewarded.



At HYY’s information point, you will get information about the joys provided by HYY’s membership as well as to the other stands of the pop up week. You can also buy the newest HYY products and leave free-form feedback and wishes for your Student Union at the information point.