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The full programme of the HYY150 Birthday Party and Sillis has been published!



The full programme of the HYY150 Birthday Party and Sillis has been published! You will have to wait at least another 50 years for a programme as dazzling as this! Read the full details and get your tickets to the unforgettable HYY150 Weekend for your friends as well right now, if you have not already.

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PARTY LIKE IT’S 1868 – The celebrations at the HYY150 Birthday Party will be worthy of 150 years!

The entire HYY150 Anniversary year culminates in the unique Birthday Party held at The Circus on 24 November. The evening will be full of festive atmosphere, glitter, music, surprises and friends, as we celebrate our Student Union in the most memorable party of the century. The party kicks off at 10 pm, and the dance floor will not rest until the early hours – if even then, as the party continues afterwards at the epic after-afterparty! Grab your friends and secure your spots in the party of the century – it will be at least another 50 years before an opportunity as dazzling as this next presents itself!


The strength of the roof at The Circus will get tested when the party atmosphere raises towards the night sky thanks to the main act of the evening, one of the brightest stars of Finnish rock, Olavi Uusivirta!

We Love Helsinki DJs’ sparkling set full of hits will also be making the party people dance for 150 years’ worth.

You can experience your own 15 minutes of fame during the 150th Anniversary year in the karaoke room of the Birthday Party, where singalongs ring out all around! Share your favourite song on stage or enjoy the collective joy of karaoke in a more relaxed fashion among the audience.

The party night will certainly not be found lacking in splendour with the fantastic Glitternisti conjuring a dazzling Birthday Party experience for us! The ECO glitters used at the party are not only shiny but also environmentally friendly. In addition to this, it is possible to snatch a unique commemorative golden HYY150 overall badge for yourself at the party! Not to mention the abundance of impressive surprise effects at the party!

To ensure that the memory of the night will always be with you, you can record your most unforgettable Birthday Party moment with a polaroid camera and send yourself your regards for the next day’s Sillis where you can pick up your photo. The action obviously does not die down when the official party ends, as the party simply moves to the magical, phenomenal HYY150 After-afterparty at Gustavus Rex. Everyone participating in the Birthday Party is welcome to attend the after-afterparty!

The Anniversary weekend fever does not even stop at sunrise at the after-afterparty, as we will make our way to the HYY150 Sillis in Kumpula after noon on 25 November.

Dress code for the Birthday Party: a sparkling birthday outfit that reflects yourself and lends you the energy to dance till dawn.

Official hashtag of the party: #hyy150bday


The HYY150 Sillis gets students and alumni together to celebrate the culmination of the HYY150 Anniversary weekend in Physicum on the Kumpula campus (at Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2). Put on your sweatsuit or animal costume, or just continue in your festive attire for the entire weekend to celebrate a sill Chillis! The party beast is released at noon and you have the permission to sill out until the evening. Do you prefer the chiller option of mocktails and yoga or the thrills of pong and gaming – or do you go for both like a proper sillist? The Sillis mood is set by the Chill and Thrill areas as well as the Sillis stage area, and the programme is sure to include something for every participant!


On the Sillis stage, the chill mood is guaranteed by the main act, a group that hails from the savannahs of the University of Helsinki and has fast established themselves as one of the top acts in Finnish rap: Gasellit!

Sillis participants will also get to revel in the rhythms provided by the awesome Saattue DJs.

In the Chill area, you can enjoy relaxing yoga, take a strategic rest in the nap room or escape into the movies in our film room. The tenseness of the previous night is driven away from your muscles and your mind invigorated by a professional masseur from VALA Group Lounge and a refreshing juice bar!

In the Thrill area, you can test your skills chittering away in a livelily avian way – in the bird karaoke! You can also conquer the karaoke crown in the awesome Singa karaoke that is sure to include all your favourite songs. Some speed to this thrilling Sillis is provided by the console games in the game lounge and, of course, the student classic beer pong.

The steaming thrilling/chill/sill mood is raised to the optimal temperature by the Sillis hot tub and sauna, so definitely remember to grab your swimming and sauna gear with you!

Take a helping of herrings or a mouthful of mocktails – the Sillis obviously would not be much without food and drinks, provided by our tasty cooperation partners, including Hoviruoka, Aitokaura and Baba’s food. We will be serving treats such as mocktails, pulled oats pizza, vihis and lihis pastries, salads, hummus, quark snacks, soft ice, popcorn and cotton candy.

NOTE: With the food offered at the Sillis, we have prioritised the most vital part – nourishing the participants. Please bring your own bottles if you wish to have some bubbly or other drinks. We have a storage space for bubbly drinks available during the Sillis to ensure that your festive drinks remain at your reach, safe and cool!

There will be lots to experience at the Sillis, but please remember to also immortalise your unforgettable HYY150 Sillis moments at the Sillis photo wall – and grab your friends along too!

The official hashtag of the party: #hyy150sillis