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Join the HYY150 Anniversary team!

Do you want to be involved in creating the most unforgettable Anniversary ever in a stunning setting? Grab your chance now and join the HYY150 Anniversary team!

HYY’s 150th Anniversary is organised in Helsinki on Saturday 24 November 2018. After an elegant dinner party, the evening continues at The Circus with a brilliant, open afterparty that lasts until the early hours. The party does not end there, of course, as the night goes on through the after-afterparty to the Sillis the next morning, where the party continues through Sunday. You can expect glitter, glamour, general bedazzlement and, of course, the most legendary party weekend of the HYY150 Anniversary year – and you could be a part of making it happen.

We are looking for motivated and experienced party-organisers who know how to take initiative to join the team creating an extraordinarily glorious and memorable Anniversary party. We are seeking multiskilled people to join the team to realise different parts of the party. The Anniversary team works in Finnish, which means that knowledge of the Finnish language is needed in all positions. Are you especially interested in the afterparty, the after-afterparty or perhaps the Sillis – or do you know how to communicate creatively on social media? We have the perfect opportunity for you to show your skills and learn new things.

As a member of the Anniversary team, you will get experience in event production and free entrance to all events of the Anniversary weekend, and, of course, you will be a part of a massively fun team. We will also organise a memorable appreciation night for the Anniversary team after the party!

If you are a member of HYY, have honed your skills by producing organisational events or in some other way through your hobbies or work and are eager to realise the most unforgettable party of the HYY150 Anniversary year, this is your moment to shine!

Are you interested? Great! Fill in the application form and apply for the Anniversary team of all time by 3.00 pm on Wednesday 12 September at Please also tell us which position you are primarily and secondarily applying for. Send us your application as soon as possible, as we will begin processing the applications and holding interviews already during the application period!


Communications Officer (1 position)

You are responsible for social media communications related to the Anniversary on HYY’s Facebook and Instagram accounts both before the party and during the entire Anniversary weekend. You are familiar with using social media channels and can write interesting and witty posts. You also have eye for visual communication. When successful, you manage to raise the festive mood throughout the autumn, relay relevant information about the Anniversary and pique interest towards the HYY150 Anniversary among both our members and interest groups. You will get experience in planning event communications, producing content for large numbers of followers and event marketing. Knowledge of English or Swedish is considered an advantage.

Song masters (2 positions)

As a song master, you will be hosting the dinner party and will be key in creating the atmosphere of the party. As a song master, you will also get to influence the songs sung at the party. Song masters are required to be fluent in Finnish and skilled in English or Swedish. If you are a bold and entertaining performer with experience as a song master, join our team!

Transport Officer (1 position)

You are responsible for the partygoers moving smoothly from the Anniversary venue to the HYY150 Birthday Party as well as for the transport to the Sillis on Sunday morning. You make travel pleasant for the partygoers and do not let the party stop even during the bus trips! You are a skilled organiser who is well versed in precise planning and scheduling. You contact the transport companies, plan the schedules for the transitions of the Anniversary weekend together with the Anniversary master and provide the final touch on a successful party experience. You will get to be a part of a dazzling Anniversary weekend, get experience in organising a large event and get to practice efficient communication with the Anniversary team and cooperation partners.

Afterparty Officers (2 positions)

You are responsible for the arrangements of the HYY150 Birthday Party at The Circus together with the Anniversary master. You are full of enthusiasm and vision that help you create the party of the century. You have experience in event organisation, you are able to brainstorm the programme creatively and you know how to manage large issues. You will get experience in event organisation in one of the largest nightclubs in Helsinki and get to be a part of an unforgettable Anniversary weekend.

After-afterparty Officers (2 positions)

You are responsible for organising the after-afterparty of the Anniversary and the HYY150 Birthday Party. You are an experienced party-goer who is still on the dancefloor long after the first people have become tired. You know how to maintain the festive atmosphere, are able to read the party-goers’ wishes in the early hours and can still act efficiently when the sun is rising. You will get to be a part of a memorable Anniversary weekend, get experience in entertaining true party-goers and get a free pass to come up with creative ideas.

Sillis Officers (2 positions)

You are responsible for the arrangements of the HYY150 Sillis together with the Anniversary master. You are full of ideas and creativity that help you make this the most legendary Sillis of all time and to acquire cooperation partners for it. You have experience in event organisation and contacting companies, and you are good at keeping everything together. In this position, you will get to realise even your wildest ideas and be a part of a memorable Anniversary weekend.

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