DocPoint benefits for HYY members!

HYY’s members are again entitled for benefits at DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival from 25 to 30 January 2011. HYY’s members can buy screening cards for the festival at a discount price at the DocPoint ticket office at Bio Rex from 14 January onwards. The screening card of 5 tickets costs 29 euros and the screening card of 8 tickets costs 43 euros (normal price 31/47 euros). The screening cards include a festival catalogue. HYY’s student card must be presented when purchasing discount tickets.

NB! The first 50 members of HYY get free tickets to the festival’s false start screening of Inside Job, a film by Charles Ferguson (USA 2010, see on Saturday, 22 January, 6pm at the film theatre Maxim. Free tickets are available from Friday 14 January onwards at the HYY Services Office.

The whole festival programme with the screening schedule is available on the DocPoint website