Mailing lists

HYY has several mailing lists, some of which are open, and some of which are intended for the use of a certain committee or interest group within the student union.

To subscribe to a mailing list, send a message to with the following message: 'subscribe list-name', e.g. 'subscribe foreign-students'. Leave the subject field blank. The address from which the message is sent will receive the emails sent though the list.

Shoudl you wish to subscribe to a mailing list from an email address different from that from which the subscription is done, please send to the following message: 'subscribe list-name', leaving the subject field blank.

The subscription will be approved by a list administrator, of which you will receive an email notification.

To unsubscribe, send an email to with the following message : 'unsubscribe list-name', e.g. 'unsubscribe foreign-students', leaving the subject field blank.

The domain for all HYY mailing lists is

Open Lists

The open lists can be joined by anyone.

Lists for international students

On these lists all information and discussion is in English. You'll receive information on the student union events and activities, and student organisations. The lists are also used by the university for study-related information.
foreign-students, information channel for all international students
degree-students, information channel for all international degree students

Other open Lists

These open lists are mainly for official information.

hyy-info, the official information list of HYY (moderated)
hyy-alumni, information channel for the former active members of the Student Union
hyy-edari, information and discussion list of the Representative Council (no attachments allowed)
hyy-perheelliset, information and discussion for students with a family
tuutori-info, information channel for all student tutors (moderated)

Committee Lists

These mailing lists are meant for active members of different committees operating under the student union. Each committee brings together students interested in similar issues, from higher education policy to urban farming. Each committee has its own mailing list which keeps you up-to-date with their activities. All committees are open for all student union members to join. Find more information on the committees and how to join them here.

hyy-kopo, information and discussion list of the Committee for Educational Affairs
hyy-kulttuuri, information and discussion list of the Committee for Cultural Affairs
jarj-vlk, information and discussion list of the Committee for Organisational Affairs
kehy-vlk, e-mail list of the Committee for Development Co-operation
sukukansa-vlk, e-mail list of the committee for Finno-Ugric Co-operation
yv-lista, e-mail list of the Committee for Societal Advocacy Affairs

In addition to these committees there's also the campus farming committee which has no mailing list.

Lists of Active Organisation Members

These lists are meant for board members or other active members of the different student organisations within the student union. The lists are mostly for information from the student union to the various student organisations, rather than for discussion. As the lists are updated annually to correspond to the board members of student organisation they cannot be subscribed to using the majordomo subscription commands.

hyy-jarjestot, the official student organisation information list of HYY (moderated)
hyy-kultvast, information and discussion list of the persons in charge of cultural affairs in student organisations
hyy-opinto, information list of the persons in charge of educational issues in student organisations
jarj-tied, discussion list for the communications officers in student organisations
kv-lista, information channel for persons active in international affairs in student organisations
liikunta-vastaavat, information list of persons in charge of sports activities in student organisations
ymp-pa, information and discussion list for persons in charge of environmental affairs in student organisations
hyy-fuksivast, information list for persons in charge of freshmen in student organisations