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User training for Alina Hall, spring 2016


Register by Jan 17.1. 10 PM to Alina hall's user trainings. If you would like to participate in user training held 25.1. register by Jan 24.1. at the latest. Every organisation wishing to use the hall must send at least one participant to the training and at least one of the security people at parties must have completed the user training for Alina Hall. The information about the user training will be checked when the keys are collected.
Register by Google Form:

Several people from each organisation can take part in the training and are recommended to do so.

Trainings are held on:

12.1. klo 17:00
13.1. klo 17:00
18.1. klo 17:00
19.1. klo 17:00
25.1. klo 17:00

More info:

Matias Nurmi
matias.i.nurmi (at)
Järjestövaliokunnan puheenjohtaja
Föreningsutskottets ordförande
Chair of the Committee for Organisational Affairs