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Student organisation newsletter 6/2013


1 Happy autumn season to all! 
2 Member register training for associations on 18 Sept 
3 Organisation training sessions in the autumn 
4 Bike tour for a better campus! 
5 Attachments for operating grant applications are missing 
6 Supplementary facility application is open until 3pm on 30 Sept 
7 Apply for HYY's furniture grant 
8 Opening of basement sauna Niiniluoto and meeting room Seppele to be delayed 
9 Tables in Alina hall in September-October



1 Happy autumn season to all!

The autumn season has begun both for the organisations and HYY's organisational services. The Office for Organisational Affairs is open on  Mon, 10am-5pm and Tue-Fri, 10am-3pm. Exceptional opening hours on HYY's website.

The reception of freshmen is the most important moment of the year for organisations and  organisational facilities. So please remember to familiarise your new members with the use of facilities and the user regulation for organisational facilities  ( Please make the organisational facilities the apple of a freshman's eye – this makes things more comfortable to everyone!


2 Member register training for associations on 18 Sept

All associations must have a member register by law and HYY also requires that its associations monitor the number of members. However, the maintenance, establishment and secure storing is not always easy. HYY will organise a member register training for all interested parties at 5pm-8pm on Wed, 18 Sept. The trainer is Olli Välke from Visio study centre. Välke's background is in the student union activities and he has written guides concerning organisational activities. An optional pre-assignment is sent to the participants before the training. The training will be held in Finnish.

Themes of the training:
- Why is the registration necessary and which terms does the law impose upon it?
- How is the register set up in practice?
- How is the register maintained and updated?
- How are the maintenance responsibility and the register transferred to the new board?

Please register by 11.59pm on 15 Sept via E-form:

For further information on the training, please contact Organisation Specialist Akseli Huhtanen, jarjestosihteeri (at), 0505373798.


3 Organisation training sessions in the autumn

Again in the autumn of 2013, HYY organises training sessions related to association activities for organisation members and other interested parties. Training sessions in the autumn term: 

18 Sept, member register training, Mannerheim Hall, 5pm-8pm: Instructor Olli Välke from Visio Study Centre tells about the preparing, maintenance and security of the member register required by law. Please sign up by 15 Sept:

7 Oct, planning seminar for organisations, Meeting Room Rydman, 5pm-8pm: Better activities through better planning! The seminar will focus on the practices of organisational activities in workshops, such as the approval of the action plan in the autumn meeting, planning of the strategy, communication plans, etc. Registration instructions will be available later. 

17 Oct, equality-themed mini-seminar, Mannerheim Hall, 4pm-6pm: HYY organises a panel-like mini-seminar related to equality themes, where all interested parties are welcome. The speakers come from various NGOs.   

14 Nov, seminar for chairpersons II, Mannerheim Hall, 5pm-9pm: The seminar, which ends the term of the boards in organisations, goes through the successes and frustrations of the year, and the winners of HYY's organisation contests will be announced. The seminar is intended for the current and future chairpersons of the organisations. Registration instructions will be available later. 

10 Dec, financial statement night, Mannerheim Hall, 5pm-8pm: APA Johanna Mäntyharju is the instructor in the financial statement training. The training is aimed at treasurers of the organisations and provides concrete tools for the drafting of the financial statement.

4 Bike tour for a better campus!

HYY and the organisations will arrange a Critical Bike Tour to campuses on 10 Sept

The tour cycles through campuses, demands bike lanes and bike racks where to lock the bike frame and many minor improvements, so that students could move around Helsinki more easily.

Meeting at Narinkkatori Square at 5.30pm, start at 6pm. The tour cycles through Kumpula at around  6.45pm.

Tour participants:
- Student Union of the University of Helsinki
- Helsinki Cyclists
- Helsinki Friends of the Earth
- Prologi
- TKO-äly
- Helsinki University Greens
- HYY's Independent Left
- add your organisation here

If you want your organisation to participate, please register your organisation and contact person to FB event or Otso!

Further information:
FB event:
Otso Kivekäs, Helsinki Cyclists
otso.kivekas at
044 3336338

5 Attachments for operating grant applications are missing

Some of the organisations which applied for HYY's operating grant have still not sent all application attachments. If the grant was allocated to your organisation (check the amount of the aid and the grounds from Tahlo) but you have not received the money, please check whether all the required documents are in Tahlo and send any missing attachments to Organisation Specialist Akseli Huhtanen to akseli.huhtanen at

6 Supplementary facility application is open until 3pm on 30 Sept

Did your organisation forget to apply for facilities in the facility allocation process? In accordance with the decision of HYY's Financial Committee made in the spring, the organisational facility allocation may be supplemented also outside the actual facility allocation process. Thus, the organisations which do not have organisational facilities or forgot to apply for them during the facility application period in the spring, may submit an open application by 3pm on 30 Sept. Signed applications can be sent by e-mail to jarjesto at or as a paper version to the address Helsingin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI or delivered to HYY's Services Office during its opening hours.

More precise criteria and the application conditions for supplementary facility application are available on HYY's website:

7 Apply for HYY's furniture grant

HYY supports furniture purchases for the interior decoration of organisational facilities. The grant is mainly intended for the furniture purchases of the organisations which operate in HYY's facilities, and the grant is mainly directed to the purchasing of tables, chairs, cupboards with locks and other interior supplies. When evaluating the applications, we pay attention to the fact that  furniture increases the cosiness of organisational premises and the organisations are willing to look after their premises even better.
The furniture grant is annually allocated in two periods, in the spring and in the autumn, according to submitted applications. The furniture grant of the autumn is paid at the beginning of December but you can already submit applications. The deadline for applications is 30 Nov 2013.

Applications which specify the need for furniture and formalities connected with purchases can be sent by e-mail to jarjestosihteeri(at) or by mail to the address Helsingin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI

8 Opening of basement sauna Niiniluoto and meeting room Seppele to be delayed

Renovation in the basement sauna Niiniluoto at the New Student House and new locking in the meeting room Seppele at Domus Gaudium have been delayed due to unexpected events. The facilities will most likely be available for organisational use at the beginning of October. Reservations for the end of the year may be requested by e-mail at

9 Tables in Alina hall in September-October

During the year an excessive number of tables in Alina hall have gone broken due to careless handling. New, more durable tables have been ordered but the delivery is delayed and so there has been a lack of tables in the hall. The situation has been temporarily fixed with tables from other premises, and there are now seats for 80 persons again.