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Student Organisation Newsletter 5/2017


Organisation Actives’ Restart 22/08
Organisation Contests 2017 & Organisation Heroes
Additional Alina Hall trainings in early September
Students at Pride

Reminder: Sign up your organisation to the Freshman Adventure, Opening Carnival and Welcome Fair

Organisation Actives’ Restart 22/08

Come and get excited about student organisations work all over again alongside with other organisation actives! Whether you are a chairperson, secretary, equality officer or something else, this event is for you. Organisation Actives’ Restart aims to offer actives an inspiring and fun way to start the fall and make the transition from summer to everyday life with organisations smoother. Executed in an interactive way, the event will tackle themes such as motivation, how to keep it up, how to take care of yourself and other actives and not get buried in the workload. Sign up begins on August 8th. More information will be available closer to the event and on the Facebook-event.

Organisation Contests 2017 & Organisation Heroes
Organisation Contests, organised by Student Organisations Committee are here again! This year we are looking for winners in seven different contests and for Organisation Heroes. More information about the contests and how to participate will be sent out at the beginning of fall, but here are some teasers:
Organisation Paper Contest
Does your organization have an organisation paper that immediately runs out when released, brings up new ideas for its readers or is groundbreaking in its ways? Will it be your paper that triumphs this year?
Overall Patch Contest
Does your organization have that one shining star of the patch markets, the patch that everyone wants to have to decorate their overalls? We are now looking for the most amazing, hilarious, the most clever or otherwise best patch that can also benefit your organization with the victory of this competition.
Sitsisong Contest
Does your organization have a new sitsisong without which you cannot have a sitsit? Or a song that has replaced some of the traditional sitsisongs? The Contest for New Sitsimusic is looking for a fresh sitsisong with fascinating and ingenious new lyrics, compelling new composition or otherwise a sitsisong that brings the atmosphere to a whole new level.
Cooperation Contest
Cooperation rocks! We are looking for cooperation between two or more organisations that is innovative, eye-opening or especially beneficial or gratifying to the members and participants. Both long-term cooperation and new partnerships are welcome to participate. You can participate with continuing long-term activity or a unique event or campaign.
Being an organisation active can be very fulfilling but it often also requires a lot of effort. That is why it is important to take care of the well-being of actives. Does your organisation have practices to ensure your actives are on the top of their game all year? Then you might just be the winner we are looking for!
Advocacy Act of the Year
Did you arrange a study circle or did you invent a new way to gather feedback from students? Perhaps you offered the decision makers complaints and compliments? You can participate in the competition with any act related to studies, education politics or student advocacy.

Most Environmentally Friendly Sitsit of the Year
Did you organize amazing sitsit that also were environmentally friendly? We are looking for the most Enviroment Friendly sitsit  of the year, in which you have taken into account recycling, unnecessary trash, climate effects and waste of food. Pictures of the event could help you win!
Organisation Heroes
Do you know an organisation active whose commitment, positive attitude or incredible innovativeness you admire? Come fall, you will have a chance to let us know who you think should earn the title of Organisation Hero in order for them to get recognition for their efforts!

Additional Alina Hall trainings in early September
Additional Alina Hall trainings will be organized in the early fall. These trainings are mostly aimed at organisations who have booked the Alina Hall for the fall but did not participate in the training in the spring. Each organisation that has booked and wants to use the Alina Hall must participate in the training every calendar year. In addition, at least one of the appointed security persons at each events must have participated in the training in the last year. More specific information, such as dates for the trainings will be provided after mid-August. The information will be available on HYYn Järjestöasiat -page on Facebooka and also sent through email to all organisations.

Students at Pride

Does your studentorganisation want to partisipate to Helsinki-Pride parade 1st of July? HYY takes part to the Pride with the other student organisations and their umberella organisations. Enroll your organisation by sending an email to and come to march for equality and diversity!

More information on the Facebook-event.

Reminder: Sign up your organisation to the Freshman Adventure, Opening Carnival and Welcome Fair

The most epic event of autumn 2017 Freshman Adventure is here again! Registration to become a checkpoint host in the 2017 Freshman Adventure is now open. Signing up to the checkpoint host can be done through this form. Registration deadline is 13 August 2017, 11.59pm.
More information you can find here:

The 2017 Opening Carnival is held on Monday 4 September from 2 pm to 6 pm in the Main Building and Porthania as well as on the streets near the buildings!
Now you can register your organisation for the event through Lyyti, Signing up end on 13 August 12 pm.

Invite international students in your activities – Welcome Fair on 29th and 30th of August. Registrate here. More information here.