For Organisations

Seminar for the Chairpersons in Mannerheim Hall at 5pm on 25 Feb


HYY's Committee for Organisational Affairs welcomes all the chairpersons of faculty and subject organisations, student nations and recreational organisations operating within HYY to the seminar for the chairpersons on 25 Feb! Has the beginning of your term as a chairperson been like dancing on the roses or do you feel that you have been left on your own? How are your meetings going? How could we make organisation members more involved in the activities and make the whole board committed to common goals?

Come and meet others in the same situation and spend a relaxed evening together!
Perhaps a chairperson in some other organisation has found the solution for your problem! In the seminar, HYY's representatives also tell about current affairs that concern organisations. The event offers an excellent opportunity to give feedback to HYY and discuss current issues concerning the organisations.

Registration for the seminar for chairpersons by 12pm on 23 Feb with the e-form:

The more specific programme of the evening will be confirmed later.

In addition to the chairperson, another representative from your organisation is also welcome to the event.

The seminar will be held mostly in Finnish.

For further information on the event, please contact: