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Produce an event for the HYY150 Festival!


Does your organisation have an amazing regular event that you would like to organise with a larger-than-usual budget and greater investment in communications? Has your student nation once organised a single first-rate event that should definitely be organised again? Have you always dreamed of realising an event concept that your hobby organisation has not previously had the money or resources for? Or would you just like to organise something awesome with your HYY buddies for no particular reason other than to celebrate the 150-year-old Student Union?

This year all of this is possible.

In addition to the epic Anniversary, Flora’s Day, crowning of Manta and other traditional events, HYY is organising a two-week festival called HYY150 to celebrate the Anniversary year. The festival brings together the most interesting events of the organisations, student nations, hobby organisations and committees operating under the Student Union. The Festival tours the campuses of the University of Helsinki as well as downtown Helsinki from 10 to 24 November and culminates in HYY’s 150th Anniversary.

The Festival catalogue is being filled now. Sign up your own organisation’s event!

Events in the HYY150 Festival must have high quality, focus on the audience, be open to everyone and be in line with HYY’s values – but otherwise you are free to do what you want. Would you like to organise a band night, choir concert or techno party? How about an interview, debate or discussion event? Stand up night, theatre performance or drag show? Or even a food fair, science exhibition, historical walking tour or escape room?

Whether your idea is related to science, arts or nature, sign it up for the HYY150 Festival and join us to create the largest event of the Anniversary year. HYY awards grants and offers productional coaching, visibility in HYY’s event communications and support for acquiring event premises for the parties taking part in the festival.

Draft a description, budget and preliminary communication plan for your event and sign it up by 30 April using this form:

HYY reserves the right to select the events that participate in the HYY150 Festival. Organisations selected for the Festival must sign a contract stipulating the conditions for awarding the grant. Decisions on awarding the grants are made individually for each event. The events must be organised during the festival, between 10 and 24 November 2018. They must be open to everyone and realised in accordance with HYY’s values.

Questions and inquiries: krista.holm (at)