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Operating grants for organisations have been awarded for 2019


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has awarded a total of €174,000 of operating grants to organisations operating under it. The grants have been awarded based on the information the organisations have provided on their activities. When awarding the operating grants, HYY has taken into account the number of the organisations’ members, events and participants in the events as well as the nature of the organisations’ activities. A new model for allocating the operating grants was used in the allocation of the grants.

You can check out the grant awarded to your organisation here.

By awarding operating grants, the Student Union aims to secure the operating conditions of the organisations and to encourage them to develop their operations to become more open, diverse and equal, among other things.

In general, the allocation of operating grants went well. However, the size of the grants awarded to a few organisations decreased because they had neglected to submit the requested documents. The size of the grants of organisations that did not fulfil the requirement of having a minimum of 50 per cent of their members be members of HYY was also reduced.

A feedback session on the operating grants will be organised at 5.00 pm on Wednesday 24 April in meeting room Sparre at the Central Office in the New Student House. In the event, you will have the opportunity to ask members of the Financial Committee about changes in the grants.

In case your organisation will not be able to participate in the event in question, you can also contact Chair of the Financial Committee Linda-Liisa Kelokari (email linda-liisa.kelokari (a) regarding the grant you were awarded.

The advance payment of the operating grants has been paid to the account the organisations have reported through TAHLO. The advance payment is paid to organisations that have received an operating grant of more than €170 in 2018. The size of the advance payment is one third of the operating grant the organisation received in the previous year.

More information:

Linda-Liisa Kelokari
Chairperson of the Financial Committee
linda-liisa.kelokari (a)
050 595 0324

Jaakko Kalske
Specialist (organisations)
jaakko.kalske (a)
050 537 3798