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Newsletter for student organisations 9/2014


University Students' Torch Parade on 6th Dec 2014
The Committee for Organisational Affairs is looking for new members
Welcome Fair: Wish our international students welcome!
Reminder: Financial statement evening on 3 Dec
Meritorious organisations were awarded in the organisation contests
Furniture purchase grant - apply before Dec 12


University Students' Torch Parade on 6th Dec 2014

The student unions of the capital region HYY, AYY, TaiYO and SHS organise the traditional Independence Day torch parade of university students on Saturday 6th December.

The organising of the parade and the distribution of torches will begin at 4pm between the Väinämöinen  field and the Hietaniemi Cemetery gates. The torch parade leaves at 5pm towards the Senate Square and proceeds through the city centre and by the Presidential Palace where President of the Republic greets the parade. At the Senate Square public festivities begin at 5:55pm. The programme includes choir singing and speeches by Mayor Jussi Pajunen and the representatives of the student unions. The event ends approximately at 6:15pm. Please wear warm clothing and your student cap!

We kindly ask the organisations operating within HYY to inform us if your flag will participate in the laying of the garland at the War Memorial (organising at 3:30pm) and the parade. Please sign up by Wednesday 3rd December to For further information, please contact Specialist-Producer Hanna-Maaria Hynynen, tel. 050 537 2831.

Further information and instructions:

The Committee for Organisational Affairs is looking for new members

Would you like to have a broad understanding of HYY's organisation field, train active organisation members in the chairperson seminars, organise the most wanted contests of the year, organise sitsit on the street or develop the organisation field towards new challenges? Perhaps you already have new great ideas and insight to all of these matters. Only the sky is the limit in the Committtee for Organisational Affairs.

The new members for the Committee for Organisational Affairs will be elected in the election meeting at 4pm on 5 Dec. The meeting will be held at Cajsa (New Student House, Staircase B, 4th floor).
In addition to all the rewarding activities in the committee, you get to meet other active members across faculty borders and learn many new things, even if you think that you have seen it all! You also get to visit new places.

Welcome to the Committee for Organisational Affairs!

Welcome Fair: Wish our international students welcome!

Wish our international students welcome! Welcome Fair on 8th of January at the Language Center
It is possible for associations active within HYY to participate in the Welcome Fair for international degree and exchange students. The event takes place at the Language Center of the University of Helsinki on the 8th of January. Go international at home, join the event and invite international students in your associations’ activities!
It is possible to participate with a poster or flyers in english. Please deliver them by 15th of December to the Student Union office, Mannerheimintie 5 A, 2nd floor, 00100 Helsinki or by e-mail to HYY specialist Katja Långvik,
You can also participate on the premises in order to meet the newcomers in person, for some hours or for the whole day. The places available are limited, registrations to HYY specialist Katja Långvik by e-mail on  before  the 15th of December. More information available also by phone: 050 543 9608.

Reminder: Financial statement evening on 3 Dec

HYY will organise a training session for the treasurers of its organisations. The training session covers the preparing of financial statements. In the training session, you learn how to prepare financial statements for the organisation. APA Johanna Hilden is the instructor. The course is held in Mannerheim hall, at 5 pm-7 pm. The course will be held in Finnish.

In the training session, we will use Tilitin software, so please bring your own computer and install the software before the training session. You can download Tilitin for free here:

You can send questions to the instructor in advance. If you already know some tricky problems concerning the calculation of the balance sheet, expenditure in the income statement, posting of receipts or any other issue related to financial statements, please send your question to Johanna to  johanna.hilden [at]

Please sign up for the training session by 1 Dec via the e-form:

Meritorious organisations were awarded in the organisation contests

The Committee for Organisational Affairs organises annual contests for organisations. This year, there were contests in six different categories. These included the freshman event, sports event, website, overall badge and organisation paper contest, as well as the academic affairs deed of the year. The winner organisations in 2014 were Sitoutumaton Vasemmisto, Polho, Natura, Kannunvalajat, AIESEC, Kopeda, Mana, Keho and Kontakti.

Read more about the winners:

Furniture purchase grant - apply before Dec 12

HYY supports furniture purchases for interior decoration in organisational premises. The grant is intended for organisations which primarily operate on HYY's premises and the grant is mainly directed to the purchasing of tables, chairs, cupboards with locks and other interior items. The aim is that the furniture would increase the cosiness of the organisational premises and the willingness of organisations to look after their premises even better.

When allocating the furniture grant, we pay attention to the following: the ecological aspect, sustainability and necessity of the purchase. The furniture grant is not supposed to cover the entire purchase price but organisations are also expected to participate in the financing of the purchase.

The organisation secretary receives applications for the furniture grant throughout the year. The furniture grant is allocated twice a year, at the end of May and in the middle of December.
You can apply for the grant with an informal application, which should include the following information:
- applying organisation/organisations
- applied furniture 
- budget
- reasons for the purchase

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to jarjestosihteeri(at) or by mail to the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI. Organisations that receive the grant must provide copies of the receipts to the same address no later than within four months after the allocation of the grant.

Further information:

Specialist (Organisations) Emi Maeda
050 537 3798
jarjestosihteeri [at]