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Hello? - Tools and thoughts for a more inclusive and equal community


How could your organisation or community be even more appealing, more inclusive and how to better take diversity into consideration when planning events? How could your community be even better and welcoming for all?

HYY organises an equality and inclusiveness themed training evening at Siltavuorenpenkere on 11 December. All organisation actives and other interested in the topic are welcome to join!

The event aims to offer new insights on the various ways of how to make an organisation or community and its actions as equal and inclusive as possible. The event is also a perfect chance for newly elected board members and actives to get a headstart and absorb ideas for the upcoming year.


Sign up:

The event is organised in cooperation with the University of Helsinki.

The event is held mostly in Finnish, but we will do our best to help out with other language requirements. The place is accessible by wheelchair.

The program:

17:00 Coffee hour
17:10 Opening words, vice rector Tom Böhling (UH) & Jane Kärnä ja Laura Wathén (HYY)

Short speeches
17:20 Jemina Fallenius, Pykälä
17:30 Emi Maeda, EHYT ry
17:45 Mona Eid, Ruskeat Tytöt
18:00 Break
18:05 Equaliy & University community -discussion

18:35 Break and getting ready for workshops
18:40 Workshop I
19:10 Break
19:15 Workshop II
19:45 The event ends