For Organisations

The freshers are here!


Now that autumn is here, it’s good to take a moment to think about how every student, old and new, could have a good time and feel safe at all events and feel like they can be themselves. Events are an important place for meeting new people and making friends and thus feeling part of the community and that’s why it’s important to make an effort when organising them, especially for the newcomers! Here’s a short list of things to consider when planning your event:
- is it possible to attend the event without drinking alcohol?
- can you enjoy the event dno matter what your native language is?
- could the theme or activities drive people away or offend someone?
- is the venue accessible or does the event description withhold information about who you can ask for help?
- are most of the fresher events affordable?
- do all the organisers and participants know what to do in emergency situations?
Let’s make our university and community a welcoming place for all!