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Forgot to apply for a facility? Supplementary facility application is open until 3pm on 30 Sept


Did your organisation forget to apply for facilities in the facility allocation process? In accordance with the decision of HYY's Financial Committee made in the spring, the organisational facility allocation may be supplemented also outside the actual facility allocation process. Thus, the organisations which do not have organisational facilities or forgot to apply for them during the facility application period in the spring, may submit an open application by 3pm on 30 Sept. Signed applications can be sent by e-mail to jarjesto at or as a paper version to the address Helsingin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI or delivered to HYY's Services Office during its opening hours.



More precise criteria and the application conditions for supplementary facility application are available on HYY's website:



More information:



Akseli Huhtanen, akseli.huhtanen at, 05055373798